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You could die if you bathe in these cases !!!

You could die if you bathe in these cases !!!

Bathing is the cleansing of the body. In addition, bathing helps treat a number of diseases such as muscle aches, aches and pains, helps to excrete toxins from the body and refreshes the mind, clear mind. However, there are cases when bathing is not recommended. If you take a bath, you could risk death.

Bath when the body is both active and sweaty

When active, the body heats up and sweats a lot. At this time, some people feel wet and uncomfortable. They often quickly take a bath to cool off. This is a very wrong job. Body is hot, sweat is radiating, if showering, especially cold water, it will cause sudden temperature changes. Sudden constriction of the blood vessels can cause stroke and stroke. If mild, it can also cause headaches, colds, chronic headaches, …

Note, when the body temperature is high, the heat in the head, the face will gradually move downwards. Then, exit according to pores. Ideally, while working or playing sports, take a break. Sit in open spaces for sweat to dry out. You should wash your hands and feet, wash your face first so that the body can adapt and decrease the temperature gradually. Then should take a shower.

Bath when people are tired, fever

Usually, we think that taking a bath while you’re tired will refresh and wake up your body. However, when tired, blood circulation and blood circulation are not good. Bathing, especially cold baths, will make the body more susceptible to colds, dizziness, unconsciousness and even death.

Besides, we should not bathe soap when tired because it contains many strong alkalis, if penetrated into the skin, it will increase the feeling of fatigue. Ideally when you are sick, you should only wipe yourself with warm water. If you must take a bath, never take a shower with cold water or shower for long.

Take a bath when your blood pressure is low

Low blood pressure should not take a bath. This is when the body is not feeling well. Body temperature also decreased. The most thing to do when low blood pressure is to lie down to rest, drink a glass of sugar water. Instead of taking a shower. Many people think that a hot bath will help the body better. However, at the moment the body temperature is low, if the water temperature is higher than the body temperature, it will lead to shock. The blood vessels dilate, the brain does not provide blood in time to all parts of the body. You will be tired, exhausted, and more dangerous than dying

Take a shower after drinking alcohol

Using alcohol is not recommended when bathing with a cold or stroke. Alcohol contains many stimulants, so it is easy to inhibit the activity of the liver, consuming a large amount of glucose in the body. Bathing immediately after drinking alcohol will prevent blood sugar from being replenished in time, causing blood vessels to contract, leading to colds. More dangerous, this can also cause rupture of blood vessels, adversely affecting life.

Bathing at night

At night is a time when you should not take baths, night showers are warned to be dangerous to your health. However, many people still refuse to give up this habit. The problem is that the temperatures are much lower at night than during the day. If you shower with cold water, the temperature drops deeply, and your blood vessels over-contract. Blood cannot circulate or, more dangerously, form clots that cause stroke. Colds, dizziness, and headache are mild.

Night showers, even if you use hot water to bathe, can still cause a lot of harm. It causes the strong veins to relax, blood pressure to drop. When taking a hot shower, stepping outside to a temperature outside at night makes you more susceptible to cold. In particular, people with low blood pressure and unstable blood pressure can also develop severe cerebral ischemia, leading to unconsciousness, coma, and high mortality.

Take a shower when you’re too hungry

Hunger is the time not to shower. Many people have the habit of bathing before eating. Therefore, no matter how hungry, before sitting on the tray of rice, they have to shower first. This is not smart work. In fact, when we feel hungry, our blood sugar is dropping. The more hungry you are, the higher the sugar deficiency is. If we shower at this time, our bodies will not have the required energy expenditure. It leads to dizziness, dizziness, fainting, and even stroke.

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