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Why should we eat it? – WHY RAW FOOD

Raw food is alive – Fresh food LIVE!

Have you ever thought about us and the entities we eat. Does what we eat bring to life?

Raw food contains’biophotons‘- the smallest physical units of light (light particles), stored and used by all living things – including the human body.

Every cell of living organisms, plants, animals and humans, either emits biophotons or at low levels of luminescence (light with wavelengths between 200 and 800 nm). The level of luminescence of cells indicates the active state of that biological organism. Cancer cells and healthy cells are both the same type, but they differ in how biophotons emit. The higher the energy level of a cell, the more vitality and the ability to transmit energy to the object that consumes it. (first)

The more light a food stores, the more nutritious it is. Fresh naturally grown vegetables and sun-ripe fruits are one example. Therefore, the ability to store biophotons is a measure of the quality of your food. (2)

The DNA in the human body itself produces biophoton light particles. The DNA inside every cell of the body vibrates at a frequency of several billion hertz (unfortunately the same frequency range as the cell phones we use). The vibrations of the DNA produce biophotons. All biophotons emitted from your body communicate with each other in a highly structured light field that surrounds the body. This light field also regulates the activity of metabolic enzymes.

Biophotons contain vital biological information that controls the complex processes in your body, and has the power to command, regulate, and thereby affect your body directly – giving higher vibrations to your body. cell.

our light

We are not only made of atoms and molecules, but also emitted and made of light (

What does that mean?

Billions of cells in living organisms emit light. That light continuously receives and transmits information. The same goes for humans. However our bodies emit a very weak light (not strong and visible like a jellyfish or firefly) and can only be measured with scientific tools.

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The scientists also showed us that, to the smallest extent, we can influence that light source, which is the control center of body and mind, and thereby can influence ourselves. people, by at least enhancing the light. An abundant source of light emitted from a person is what creates a feeling of freshness and wellness, often seen in people with a lot of bio-photons.

If you look closely, you will see that most people who consume a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables have a bright face, usually bright skin and a radiant appearance (something that cannot be seen on the face of a sick person. because the person has less bio-photons).

Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best food sources

In their raw form, fresh fruits and vegetables contain the most complete of the precious nutrients needed by the human body, in the most perfect and beneficial form. Fresh food has a high water content so it is easy to digest, has the best ability to clean and nourish our bodies and minds. Fresh vegetables and fruits also have other intangible qualities that are difficult to measure and measure: that is Living Energy. (3)

The energy we live in comes from the food we eat. However, the body needs to use energy to digest them before absorbing the nutrients. When we squeeze juice from vegetables and fruits, and we remove insoluble fiber, we give our body a great source of nutrients in a partially digested form.

So, the fresh, raw fruit and vegetable juice is Live Energy in the form of a liquid.

The fastest way to experience the power of ‘living’ is to drink fresh juices from raw vegetables. Juice drinkers understand and are ‘addicted’ to this experience – the feeling that makes them see themselves ‘fresh’ From inside.


LIFE WATER – Water for life

The water our bodies need, want and depend on to function best actually doesn’t come from tap water or bottled water, it’s the water found in fresh fruits and vegetables. If you drink beer, alcohol or other carbonated drinks, your body is of little use and they are quickly pushed through the bladder. But water from fresh vegetables and fruits has special qualities of living entities and is easily absorbed into the human body.

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Is it about time we care about the lives of the things we eat? The life of vegetables, fruits and vegetables is strongly dependent on sunlight, as mentioned above on bio-photons light particles, and many times, raw juice is called ‘liquid sunshine‘(sunshine in the form of a liquid).

Cooking reduces the nutrition of fruits and vegetables

Studies have shown that vitamins and enzymes are lost when vegetables are cooked.

Cooking food destroys many important enzymes. Enzymes are the catalysts to speed up and facilitate reactions in your body. In fact, some biochemical reactions would not even happen without enzymes (we have about 1,300 enzymes). Cooking, the process of cooking food, especially at high temperatures, destroys the enzymes that are naturally present in the food. In addition to getting enzymes from fresh, raw foods, you can also help stimulate the production of enzymes in your body simply by chewing. When you chew your food, a signal is transmitted from the brain to the stomach to increase the production of enzymes. (So ​​juicing cannot completely replace whole food.) About one third of the body’s ability to produce enzymes is lost by the age of 40.

A scientific study showed that, vitamin C in tomatoes is lost 10% as soon as tomatoes are cooked within 2 minutes, and 29% if cooked for half an hour at 88oC. Vitamin C is a vitamin that oxidizes easily when exposed to heat and when cooked in water (vitamin C is water soluble).

According to another scientific study of Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry in 2007, high temperatures will destroy the enzyme myrosinase in broccoli. In addition, when cooked, carrots, although carotenoid levels increase, they completely lose polyphenols – substances found only in raw carrots, which have antioxidant properties and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

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What is the summary?

Fresh fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals and are rich in bio-photons. These substances are easily lost during cooking.

Fresh vegetables and fruits have a high water content so they are easy to digest, have the ability to clean and nourish our bodies and minds best.

When we squeeze juice from vegetables and fruits, removing insoluble fiber, the body is provided with a partially digested source of nutrients and only very little energy is needed for digestion.

Fresh vegetables and fruits also have other intangible qualities that are difficult to measure and measure: that is Living energy. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are Live Energy in liquid form.

With the situation of fresh food in the Vietnamese market still risky, the ability to buy and use organic fruits and vegetables is low, how to choose food, how to consume (cooked or eaten fresh). depending on the conditions and beliefs of each person.

For me, what I believe and try to do is: eat a variety of foods (mainly plants), in many forms (whole cooked, raw, whole, or drink juice). I’m not attached to a strict school or eating method. And I believe that if you don’t have a specific disease problem, or no other religious reason, you don’t need to follow a school at all.


Shine (Image source:

We all do luminescence, to a certain extent, in the eyes of science, biology, chemistry or so on from studies that show.

Do you want to be ‘bright’, or ‘dark’?

Do you want to provide your body with ‘living’ or ’empty’ energies?

All are your options.

If you choose like me, let’s eat (and drink) lots of (clean) vegetables, fruits and vegetables!


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(1) Marco Bischof, 2005, Biophotons- The Light in Our Cells, Journal of Optometric Phototherapy, available at:


(3) Leslie Kenton, 2009, Raw Juicing, Ulysses Press.

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