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Oh my gosh, why is my juice splitting like this, is it broken or something? Or is there a problem? Or do not know how to force it? Why make the press so slow and still get it? etc …

Huyen has received so many complaints like this. Reply sporadically today write a specific article for everyone to understand and exchange offline.


Again (slightly opposite): Natural juice without layering is NOT NORMAL! Please! Only industrial-produced, interfered drinks, stabilizers, emulsifiers, preservatives or additives you don’t know of, etc., every bottle is exactly the same, and so on. Even if not refrigerated, it can last for years, the original color is very beautiful, it will not change.

It mean JUICE (or even NUTRITION MILKIf you do it naturally, without any interference, how about leaving it alone for a while in the refrigerator (or outside if you are negligent in the cooler), it MUST CLEAN THE CLASS, not to mention PRECIPITATION (if pressed with centrifugal press).

It is said that using the Slow Press, the juice won’t separate? WRONG. There are 2 types of layer separation:

  1. DISTRIBUTION CLASSIFYING: ie juice with sedimentation, divided into 2 color layers, above the clearer, lighter color, below the darker, denser color. Depending on the material, the difference between these 2 layers is clear or not, or it appears denser / thinner. When the press becomes slow, the juice will be stratified (as shown in the top illustration image).
  2. CRUSH-type separator: i.e. the top of the juice has a thick layer, the precipitate is raised, thicker, while the bottom layer is very clear, looking like water, with very little chromaticity. Centrifuges typically release juice that can be precipitated like this after left in place.

Illustration of a cup of juice when left to rest will precipitate quickly (right cup)

WHAT MUST YOU DO? Don’t do anything. You just SHAKEN Juice bottles or mix the cup of juice well before drinking. Its color is as beautiful as the original.

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So what is the sedimentation at the bottom of that juice bottle? Those are the essential fibers / fractions. This is where most of the juice’s precious nutrients (leftovers of vegetables and not water) accumulate.

As you all know, most VEGETABLES are themselves rich in water? For example, cruciferous vegetables are typically 85% water, or more so, celery, tomatoes and cucumbers, over 90%. Fruits are the same, on average, fruits such as pineapples, oranges, apples, pears all contain 84-87% water.

So. Not surprisingly, when we squeeze fruits and vegetables, what we get is also water. But it’s NUTRITIONABLE WATER. What type of water is best for the Italian body?

When left alone, the lighter water will float, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, heavier, will settle to the bottom.

If you like drinks that look BEAUTIFUL, the color is consistent at all times, without taking care of it, keeping it cold all the time, the way it is torn … then drink the bottles at the supermarket, the bottles with emulsion chemicals and additives.


You will force yourself at home to understand most, right?

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