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Why does each family need to invest in a water purifier?

Why does each family need to invest in a water purifier?

Where is your drinking water coming from now? Bottled water, cooled boiled water, drink directly or use a water filter? Each source of drinking water has its own advantages / disadvantages. Together with analyze to answer the question at the beginning of the article!

Advantages – Disadvantages of bottled water


– Convenient, easy to use.

– Affordable price, ranging from 15,000 to more than 60,000 VND / 20 liter bottle depending on the brand.

– Sold and delivered to the place.


– Many brands of bottled water are not safe. Manufacturing facilities Super dirty bottled drinking water frequently discovered.

– If each person drinks 2 liters of water per day, plus cooking, it will also spend a lot of money every year. Depending on the brand and the amount of water used can range from 540,000 to 2,200,000 VND per person. You try multiplying by the number of family members to see how much water is paid each year.

– Use plastic bottles that do not protect the environment.

As for drinking directly, whether it is well water or tap water, there is an unsafe warning. The amount of bacteria, dirt remaining in the water is at risk of causing many serious diseases. Especially with young children. Do not save too much, lest take unpredictable consequences, guys!

Advantages – Disadvantages of cooled boiled water

Harmful missteps about the safety of cooled boiled water

Harmful missteps about the safety of cooled boiled water


– Completely eliminates harmful bacteria.

– Simple, easy to do. It only costs electricity.

– Create a sense of peace of mind for users.


Minerals necessary for the body are broken down. In the long run, lack of minerals causes the body to imbalance electrolytes, reduce resistance and often lethargy.

– Cool boiled water should only be used within 24 hours. After this time, the risk of bacteria regenerating is high. The amount of oxygen in the water also decreases over time with no health benefits.

– If the water is poured out after 24 hours, it will waste clean water resources and increase electricity costs.

– Unqualified boiling equipment can cause adverse effects.

– Using plastic bottles for boiled water is very harmful to health. It is recommended to use only glass jars with tight lids and regular cleaning.

– Whether it is well water or tap water, turn the water into a bucket overnight. Part of the sediment is allowed to settle, the other part lets chlorine gas evaporate.

Advantages – Disadvantages of water purifiers


– Provide clean and safe drinking water. Keep these beneficial minerals, ensure safety for your family.

– Long service life, long term use to save costs.

– No electricity, no waste water.

– The filtered water can be drunk directly without boiling (recommended for tap water).

– Reduce the risk of poisoning, potentially dangerous diseases such as: kidney stones, bladder cancer, acute enteritis, stomach diseases, …

– Contribute to protect the environment, save water.


– High initial cost: 5.5 – 6.5 million VND. However, the warranty period is up to 36 months. Durable water purifier, a few years life is normal. If divided on average by month or the volume of water is still lower than bottled water.

– Need to replace the core after a period of use. Average about 8,000 – 10,000 liters.

What kind of water purifier should I buy for family health?

Currently on the market there are many brands of water purifiers. Which is the advanced RO or Nano water purifier. So to choose which water purifier is suitable for the whole family?

One of the leading brands in terms of product quality and price suitable for Vietnamese consumers is Barrier water purifier. Currently the name comes from Russia is providing three main types of water purifiers: Barrier Ultra, Barrier Expert Hard and Barrier Ferrum.

The price for each water purifier ranges from 5.5 to 6.5 million VND. 36 months average warranty period. Highly durable water filter element, ensuring efficiency within the limit of 10,000 liters. Barrier water purifier specializes in softening hard water, removing toxins and retaining electrolytes with health benefits.

In particular, the device is easy to install and does not use electricity. The filtered water can be taken directly without boiling. The product has been tested according to NFS 42, 53 international standards for the quality of filtered water.

Address selling genuine Barrier water purifiers

To buy genuine Barrier water purifier, just leave your contact information or order directly on the website Or you can go directly to the showroom showroom at the address below. Healthy Barrier water filters will be delivered to your family within a few working days.

Currently, Barrier Ultra water purifier has a promotion to get a free water purifier worth VND 680,000 when buying a product. The program will end as soon as the number of customers has ordered. Quickly order now!

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