What to do when the well water is polluted?

What to do when the well water is polluted?

Currently, many families in rural areas and some households in urban areas still use contaminated drilled well water. So what solution to fix this situation?

Use tap water as input water

Tap water has been introduced throughout cities and in the rural contiguous areas. If it is located in an area that has been supplied with tap water, it is better to use tap water. Tap water, when delivered to households, has been treated with pollution. However, tap water is still not very clean because they are often contaminated with detergents during water cleaning such as: Chlorine, Fluorine, ..

As for the households that do not have access to tap water. See suggestions below

Use traditional wells water filter tanks

Using filter tanks, filter tanks is a solution that many families use to filter drilled well water. The price of this traditional tank is quite cheap: from 3 – 5 million. Input well water will go through the filter layers such as: clean sand, activated carbon, large sand, gravel, … However, the output water only partially overcome the pollution level. It cannot be confirmed that the potency has been completely eliminated.

The quality of the outlet water is not necessarily up to the standards of drinking water or drinking water standards. Moreover, these traditional filters and filters take up quite a lot of space. Only suitable for households with relatively large areas, small families are not necessarily suitable. Not to mention we have to regularly wash and change sand, coal, gravel, … so that the quality of the filter is not reduced.

Notes when using traditional filter tanks:

  • Depending on the level of pollution of the well water source and capacity used. You should rinse regularly to remove the alum precipitate on the surface of the sand layer by stirring the water layer on the surface and then opening the upper alum discharge valve.
  • When the precipitation becomes more and more, the filtering capacity of sand, activated carbon has run out of resources, should replace all filter materials to ensure the water quality of this filter tank.

Total filtration solution

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Total filtration solution is the solution chosen by many families. The advantage of the machine is much more compact than traditional filters and filters. These filters also have the ability to self-reconstitute and rinse periodically, rather than manually. The overall filter water quality is generally better.

Features of total filtration equipment:

  • Water softening, manganese iron treatment by ion exchange method, absorption of Ca2 +, Mg2 +, Fe2 + ..
  • Remove organic colloids, iron with Cations and Anions.
  • Removes chemical components, organic matter, heavy metals, chlorine, ammonium …
  • Filter blocks, removes impurities, colors, odors, odors, residual chlorine … remaining in the bottle processc, scouring of the system

Use water filters, water filters

A water purifier is the device that needs the most essential filtering equipment in the family. Water purifiers provide the clean water we eat and drink every day. The quality of filtered water is tested to meet the QCVN 01: 2009 / BYT food quality standards. Therefore, using a water filter makes us feel secure about the health of family members a lot. You can refer to home water filters HERE

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