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Bụi Nano có kích thước nhỏ hơn 1 micrométBụi Nano có kích thước nhỏ hơn 1 micromét

What is Nano Dust? Does it affect the DNA?

Air pollution is currently a big problem dangerous to human health. According to a few recent studies, it is discovered that an air dust is even more dangerous than PM2.5, which is Nano dust. So what is Nano dust? What effects does it have on human health?

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What is Nano Dust?

Dust is actually tiny solid particles in the air. The smaller the dust, the more likely it is to penetrate deeper into the body. Depending on its size that people divide into different categories, ranging from PM 10 (particles with size from 2.5 to 10 micrometers), particles PM 2.5 (size below 2.5 micrometers), … PM is the symbol for Particulate Matter – for solids or liquids mixed in the earth’s atmosphere.

Recently, fine dust monitoring results in Vietnam have discovered PM1.0, also known as Nano dust – Dust with size less than 1 micrometer.

Nano dust has appeared in Vietnam

Nano dust has appeared in Vietnam

How harmful is Nano dust?

The effects of air pollution very dangerous to human health. But the smaller the dust, the greater the health effects. Therefore, Nano dust can easily overcome all dust barriers of the respiratory system. More dangerous it can affect the structure of human DNA.

Affects the lungs

Fine particles penetrate into the body, reduce lung function, chronic bronchitis, asthma and lung cancer. At the same time, making the condition worse and possibly fatal.

Impaired lung function

Impaired lung function


According to research by World Health Organization WHO and International Cancer Research Agency IARC, fine dust particles from 10M to 2.5M are all considered carcinogens. More dangerous, because dust PM1.0 is small in size, it goes deeper into the human body, passes through cell membranes and can cause even more dangerous effects.

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A 2013 study based on nearly 320,000 people in countries in Europe. This study has found that there is no safe level of nano dust exposure. When the PM10 concentration in the air increased to 10 micro grams / m3, the rate of cancer increased by 22%. And MP2.5 is even more deadly when it increases the risk of lung cancer by 36% for every 10 micro gram / m3 increase in air.

The smaller the dust, the greater the harm

The smaller the dust, the greater the harm

Affect pregnancy and fetal development

Nano dust can penetrate deeply into the pregnant woman’s body, pass to the fetus and cause adverse effects on fetal development at any stage of pregnancy. They are the cause of placental blood poisoning, making the fetus slow to develop. Babies born with low weight, are more likely to suffer from nervous breakdown and autism. In addition, small children and older people with less resistance are also severely affected by this dust.

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This is the cause of placental blood poisoning

This is the cause of placental blood poisoning

Increased risk of cardiovascular diseases

When Nano dust enters human vascular system, it will form plaque build up in the vessel wall, causing vasculitis. At the same time, reducing the elasticity of blood vessels, increasing the risk of atherosclerosis. Formation of cardiovascular diseases, stroke. Even mocking people.

Vasculitis can be caused by air pollution

Vasculitis can be caused by air pollution

Nano dust affects DNA causing genetic mutation

This is based on research by Taiwan scientists (2012). This study has shown that nano dust can also penetrate deeply and affect the activity of DNA. Increases the risk of genetic mutations or mutations. In addition, some other researches that Nano dust damages human DNA, negatively impacting health and genetic apparatus.

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It even contains radioactive substances that are dangerous to humans. Accordingly, the risk of radiation exposure through inhalation or oral inhalation increases if they are attached to agricultural products. According to annual statistics show, Nano dust particles are the cause of 5 million deaths each year globally.

Nano dust affects DNA causing genetic mutation

Nano dust affects DNA causing genetic mutation

How to protect health from Nano dust?

  • Controlling pollution for roads, construction and landfills, agricultural and industrial establishments, … Accordingly, priority should be given to using environmentally friendly means of transport and fuel.
  • Limiting deforestation activities, limiting the use of fossil fuels …
  • Reduce pollution emissions from the use of coal stoves and firewood stoves. These are the most common sources of technology emissions.
  • Control gasoline and diesel waste from motor vehicles.
  • Greening living environment. Raise awareness to protect forests and trees inside and outside urban areas.
  • Limit working, traveling outdoors on days with poor air quality and pollution. Stay away from sources of polluted air and wear a special dust mask when on the road.
  • Drive slowly on grained, unpaved roads.
  • Clean the air: Do not use machinery or equipment that generates a lot of dust. Use air purifiers to ensure a safer living environment.
  • Healthy eating: Enhance the immune system by these food can clean the lungs such as: green vegetables, fruits rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and beta-carotene, help form and maintain the lining of the respiratory tract and digestive tract, fight cell damage, increase supply supply of oxygen to the cells.
  • Add water: Drinking enough water is also a way to help filter the lungs, purify the body. Helping the body to be healthier.
Drinking water helps to purify the body

Drinking water helps to purify the body

There is no effective way to clean this “super dust” contaminated air. But today’s environmental pollution is increasingly serious. Therefore. Please use PM1.0 prevention to protect your health.

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