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What is microorganism? The water environment is contaminated with microorganisms

Microorganisms are present everywhere. In soil, air, food, or even water. The phenomenon of water contaminated with microorganisms is one of the types of water pollution. Typically, it is found in many domestic water sources. Accordingly, the bacteria that cause diseases in the water can cause intestinal infections, typhoid fever, cholera, …

Microorganism are protozoan or eukaryotic single-celled or multicellular organisms. They are extremely small in size. That is why it is impossible to observe with the naked eye, but must use a microscope. It includes viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoa, …

The water environment is contaminated with microorganisms

Often microorganisms are present in the aquatic environment in many different forms. Although there are many beneficial microorganisms. But besides that, there are also many harmful groups. They are pathogens or transmit diseases to humans and organisms. Especially the bacteria, viruses and parasites that cause disease. As parasites of cholera, dysentery, typhoid, malaria, … Hepatitis B virus, Japanese encephalitis virus, red worms, worm eggs, … too much of the habitat will be a source of harm. And is the cause of spreading extremely dangerous disease.

The aquatic environment contains many pathogenic microorganisms called microbiological pollution. People living near or using water contaminated with microorganisms will easily contract infectious diseases. Such as respiratory diseases, tuberculosis, bronchitis, … Or intestinal diseases such as cholera, dysentery, typhoid, …

There are many harmful microorganisms in the water

There are many harmful microorganisms in the water

Causes water sources of microorganisms

The source of biological pollution for the water environment is mainly garbage excrement, domestic wastewater, biological corpses, hospital wastewater, … Accordingly, two main types of causes are classified. This is due to medical and domestic waste.

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Medical Waste

Medical facilities or hospitals are home to an abundance of microorganisms brought in by patients. During treatment, these microorganisms are not only present in the patient’s body. It is also multiplied through the use of tools. As well as medical equipment in medical establishments, hospitals.

These medical devices, after being used, are not disposed of, but put into the environment. Accordingly, they become one of the main factors causing the water environment in this area to be contaminated with microorganisms. This is the reason for the alarming situation of microbiological pollution in water. Especially in areas around hospitals or other medical facilities.

Medical waste is one of the causes of water pollution

Medical waste is one of the causes of water pollution

Domestic waste

Human domestic waste includes garbage such as food scraps, food packaging, … Besides, feces or urine is also a source of waste containing many pathogenic microorganisms. After these wastes are released into the environment, they carry many harmful microorganisms to the environment. Causes severe microbiological pollution in water environment over time.

Human domestic waste seriously pollutes the water source

Human domestic waste seriously pollutes the water source

Water treatment measures contaminated with microorganisms

To limit the water environment contaminated with microorganisms. First, you need to pay attention to the hygiene of your living area. Do not litter indiscriminately into the surroundings where you live. Domestic waste should be sorted and disposed of in the right place. Ensure environmental sanitation and be collected and treated by cleaning units.

If the water source is contaminated with microorganisms, it causes many dangers to the health of the user. Therefore, we need to know how to avoid and handle it. For the safety of water for the family use.

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Especially for domestic water, to ensure that the water used for the whole family is safe as well as pure. You can use water treatment methods such as building sedimentation tanks, water filtration tanks, chemical disinfection, … Use a water filter is considered the most effective not only to bring pure water for the family but also to save costs, and absolutely safe for users.

A water purifier is a smart measure

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The phenomenon of water contaminated with microorganisms is common in developing and underdeveloped countries around the world. According to a World Bank report (1992), polluted water causes diarrhea. Killing 3 million people and getting sick with 900 million people each year. There are already five very large numbers of people infected in the world. As roundworm disease is 900 million people, schistosomiasis 600 million people.

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