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What is Juice essentially – What is juicing?

What is juice actually? Fruit juice? Not only that.

Since I was a child, I know mainly orange juice, cane juice, and lemon juice. A little older, he can drink fruit juice on the sidewalk or restaurant, such as guava juice, grapefruit, toad etc. By now, the concept of juice has become much wider. Juice is magic juice that can be made from any vegetable, root, fruit or vegetable spice. Any type of plant that is eaten raw can be pressed. Because simply instead of chewing, pressing, we take the water of the ingredients.

Apprehend, Juice is the liquid obtained from fresh fruits and vegetables.

To understand correctly, you should know the actual juice factors as follows:

In juice, all raw materials must be living (So ​​don’t be surprised to ask if pumpkin, sweet potato, bell pepper, cauliflower etc. are raw or cooked). Always live! What is the effect of eating raw plants, you can learn more. I used to write an article about why I ate raw.

Normally, vegetable juice is high in minerals. Fruit juices are rich in vitamins. Juice of both types is rich in enzymes (which are easily lost when cooked).

Juice and smoothie should not be confused. Also should not be compared and selected.

The main effects of juice:

There is not much debate about living humans needing to eat fruits and vegetables. The problem is how to consume them to suit the conditions and preferences of each person. If you are vegan, vegan, and the percentage of you eat fruits and vegetables already, then surely the need to drink more vegetables by mouth is not too necessary. However, most of us with modern lifestyles are in a state of busy, 3 meals a day, the ratio of vegetables, tubers and fruits is enough? Is anyone confident I do not need to eat more vegetables? So for busy people, juice is an option

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Convenient fast To get the most vitamins and minerals with plants bulk: sitting and eating 2-3 plates of salad – without fever – is difficult, but squeezing it and drinking it takes a few minutes. Let’s say you sit and gnaw 10 carrots and drink one cup of juice from those 10.

Effective : When pressed the cell walls of vegetables and fruits have been broken down, in the form of liquid with countless vitamins, minerals, antioxidants … the body just absorbs but the digestive system does not lose much energy to work. . Generally, a pile of nutrients are readily available for the body to just soak up nutrients from the juice straight into the blood vessels in a very short time. However, this is also the reason when pressing to note that the proportion of vegetables and fruits is no less than sweet fruit.

The main effects of smoothie (smoothies):

While pressing involves taking only the liquid portion, removing the insoluble fiber (the soluble fiber in the juice), the smoothie is grinding the whole ingredient into a drinkable form. In short, smoothie is pureed food. Some soft fruits should only be grinded and hard to squeeze. In contrast, many types of vegetables can only be pressed but difficult to grind. When grinding, add liquids (such as water, milk, coconut water, etc.), while pressing do not add anything. So normally when grinding does not take as much material as when pressed. The juice is more nutritionally dense. Smoothie stays full longer.

Both smoothies and juices are different methods to help us consume more and more delicious fruits, vegetables, in parallel with our daily diet. You just eat whole food, just eat whole vegetables and fruits, cook it up to you, whatever you want. In the end, everyone who wants to be healthy still has to eat fruits and vegetables. And if anyone said I’d rather eat the whole fruit, then please just eat. Just like boiled vegetables, why do people even think about stir-fried, grilled, and hot-pot dishes. Eating with one person is a pleasure, for others it is sometimes a meal. For the person in the 2nd stage, I probably did not read my article.

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So we shouldn’t choose this or that, it’s best to choose both! And the best way to get real juice (and even real smoothies) is to squeeze (self-grind) at home and drink it as soon as you squeeze it. That is ideal.

Do you often drink juices or smoothies?

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