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What Is Hot In The Drinker To Cool Down And Purify The Body?

Heat of mouth, hot body makes you uncomfortable, especially on changing weather days. At this point, a glass of water to help cool down is the healthiest option. So when it is hot inside you should drink something? And Teaching Asian and European Blends Explore the body cooling and cleansing drinks effectively!

Drink thermic drinks to treat heat in the body

Heat in the body is a type of illness that can be encountered at any age, any time of the year. Body heat is not a dangerous disease, but if it happens for a long time, it will greatly affect the health of the body. So, finding out what causes heat in your body and its treatment is what you need to do right now.

Causes Heat In Person

Hotness in people comes from many reasons. Firstly, because of the hot weather, the body regulates its activities to adapt to the environment, the sweat glands are active, causing the body to lose water. Failure to replenish water in time will not only cause heat in the body, but also cause muscle withdrawal, vomiting, red skin, headache or mental confusion …

Second, most of the hot manifestations in the body reflect that the body has absorbed too much hot food, stimulants make the organs in the body work twice or triple at capacity. Supplementing with natural foods is the best and most effective way to cool off your body.

Greasy food is the main cause of heat in the body (Photo: Internet)

Third, the most common cause of heat in the person is due to inadequate diet. For example, eating too much meat and other proteins, drinking less water … The functioning of the liver and kidneys is impaired, so it is impossible to detoxify and cool down the body, causing you to get hot inside.

In addition, hot body caused by drinking a lot of alcohol, smoking; Eating in moderation, not getting enough sleep. It could also be that you eat a lot of hot, spicy foods, fat, protein, foods that are too sweet or are too high in calories.

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Effects Of Hot In People

One of the harmful effects of heat in the body is impaired liver function. Impaired liver function makes it ineffective to detoxify and purify the body. Toxins in the body accumulate and export through the skin causing the phenomena of pimples, urticaria, rashes … In severe cases, it can irritate the skin and leave bruises, scars affecting aesthetics.

The recognizable expression when hot inside is a pimple (Photo: Internet)

In addition, when liver function is impaired, the bilirubin bile pigment in the blood is not metabolized for excretion, resulting in jaundice. The palms of the hands, feet, mucous membranes of the tongue and eye conjunctiva are the most visible areas of the accumulation of bilirubin bile pigment.

In addition, the manifestation of heat in the body is also reflected in: bad breath, dark pants around the eyes and eye fatigue, dry chapped lips, mouth heat, bleeding teeth, difficulty sleeping at night, weight loss. …

How to Cool Your Body With Drinks

If you do not know what you should drink to cool, cool your body, you can refer to the suggestions in the article below. Specifically:

  • Natural drinks such as squash, cheek juice …
  • Eat cool foods for the body such as black bean tea, green bean tea …
  • Juices, fruit smoothies such as watermelon, apple, pineapple …
  • Detox juices from vegetables and fruits not only heat, but also detoxify the body, reducing the burden on the liver.

A simple way of making cool, cooled water with familiar ingredients and easily available for purchase on the market will be an effective remedy for this disease. In addition, even if you do not have a hot illness in your body, you can also cook cooling water to drink every day to replenish water, purify the body for yourself and the whole family.

Hot Drinks Suggestions In Person

Sugar Alum Nha Dam

Topping the list of body cooling and cooling drinks, not to mention aloe vera. Not only is a miracle for the skin, aloe vera is also processed into delicious dishes and drinks that effectively cool down, of which aloe vera is the most familiar name.

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Aloe vera sugar aloe reduces heat in the body

The way to make aloe vera is very simple. You need to prepare aloe vera properly. After peeling the skin and slicing the aloe vera into pomegranate seeds, soak the aloe vera in salt water and rinse it thoroughly to remove the oil. Cook aloe vera with pineapple leaves, sugar, and lemon juice to clear the greases, then scoop out ice to make the aloe vera crunchier. Cook pineapple leaf alum sugar water, add aloe vera to complete the drink to help dissipate the heat in the body.

Green Beans Cheek Vegetables

Gotu kola is a vegetable that is used frequently in Vietnamese daily meals. According to folklore, cheeks have a slightly bitter taste, sweet aftertaste, calmness, heat, liver benefits and detoxification very effectively. For this reason, Gotu Kola is often chosen to make dishes and drinks that treat bad gas, boils and are also considered to be an effective body cooling drink.

Mung bean pea is both fragrant and creamy

For more delicious cheeks, we often combine cheeks with green beans, a little bit of pulp, and the fat of green beans makes it easier to drink and delicious drinks. When you miss many hot spicy dishes you can use green pea chives to reconcile. In fact, Gotu Kola is both welded and thermic, so it is necessary to combine with different ingredients or herbs to enhance its effects. Note that one person does not use more than 40gr of chives a day!

Chrysanthemum tea

Chamomile has long been known as a popular cool herb. For those who are often hot in the body, hot due to the weather or from eating and drinking, the chamomile tea recipe is a drink that cannot be ignored.

Chamomile tea combined with some other herbs

Chamomile tea can be used hot or cold. However, if you want to be more attractive, you can combine it with some herbs or other ingredients to increase color and flavor. Drinking chamomile tea to change water every day with the allowable dose will cure hot illness in the body and menorrhagia very effectively.

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Squash juice

With outstanding cool properties, squash juice is very suitable for those who are hot inside. However, do not use much if you have bloating and digestive problems.

Squash juice has a new and delicious flavor

To be safe and effective when using, you should make your own squash juice, do not use the types available on the market because they often contain sugar, lots of energy, making you both gain weight and heat reduction effect. is significantly reduced. Because squash juice is a bit difficult to drink, you should delicately combine with apple juice or watermelon juice to make it easier to drink.

Ginseng water

In hot weather, drinking ginseng water from squash, sugarcane, field, and painting root not only helps to heat in the body but also replenishes water and some essential nutrients for the body. The way to make ginseng juice is also very simple, so you absolutely can do it at home to drink every day.

Roasted Beans Water

Roasted bean juice is popular with many people for its effective cooling, weight loss and beauty effects. You just need to prepare your favorite beans (black beans, green beans, red beans …) washed, roasted and braised with boiling water to have a delicious drink. You can store roasted bean juice in a thermos and drink it all day long. Water absorbent, ripe, and creamy peas will make you love this drink even more.

Roasted bean juice is very healthy

In addition to supportive drinks, Eurasian Mixing Teaching also recommends changing useful living habits, adding foods with more fiber, vitamins, and limiting fried foods, containing more sugar. to no longer feel hot inside body again. Because a healthy body stems from healthy eating habits.

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