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What is hard water? How to soften hard water?

Hard water is the cause of mineral accumulation in household heat exchangers and appliances. Like machines, equipment and energy consumption. So what is hard water? And do tHow to lSoften hard water? Let’s find out with Water Purifier now.

What is hard water?

Water is classified as either hard or soft water depending on the type and amount of minerals and natural salts dissolved in it. Accordingly, hard water is water that contains relatively high to very high content of dissolved minerals. Whereas soft water has low solubility.

Hard water is water that contains relatively high levels of dissolved minerals and salts. Minerals include compounds of metal ions, calcium, magnesium or metal sulfate compounds and bicarbonate. There are three main categories: temporary, permanent and total hard water. Currently, it is commonly used to measure water hardness water tester (TDS). This pen is specialized for measuring the amount of solids dissolved in water. However, this test pen can not confirm the clean and dirty water quality.

Soft and hard water

Soft and hard water

Effect of hard water

In everyday life

In the family hard water is the cause of clogging the water pipes due to rust residue, causing damage and reducing the life of hot and cold water equipment, dishwashers, washing machines, coffee makers, … When using water for cooking vegetables, meat, .. will be difficult to ripen. Also lose the taste of tea. In addition, it also reduces the ability of soap to create foam, reduces the quality of cleaning, quickly rots fabrics and damages clothes.

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In particular, when used a lot, it also has negative effects on health. Causes many diseases for humans such as hair loss diseases, kidney stones, gallstones, artery disease caused by scale formation, …

Harm in daily life

Harm in daily life

In industry

In the hard water industry has a great impact on all cooking equipment, cooling towers, water heaters, boilers … The use of calcium-contaminated water for equipment. This can lead to deposits on the surface of the cooking equipment, and scale to reduce the flow rate on the pipelines. Decreasing steam generation efficiency, over time, can cause great pressure. Boiler explosion may result if used for a long time.

Industry is also negatively affected

Industry is also negatively affected

How to soften water?

Boil water

Boiling water is a popular method used by many households. Under the impact of great heat, hard water will be softened by chemical reaction. The minerals will evaporate or deposit deposits on the warm bottom.

But with this method, boiling water should only be used within 24 hours. The longer it is left, the higher the hardness will be, which affects the health. Kettles are also easily damaged and degraded for a long time.

Soften water by boiling

Soften water by boiling

Use a water filter

Hard water causes a lot of troubles in daily life. There are many ways to handle it, but the smartest way to handle it is to use a filter to bring clean, up to standard water. That can be drunk immediately.

Water purifier will soften the water by removing calcium, magnesium and some other metal cations (positive ions) from the water. Methods that are increasingly being followed in many places are the use of Nano filters or reverse osmosis membranes.

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Using a water filter is a smart way to soften water

Using a water filter is a smart way to soften water

Maybe you don’t know?

Present, offers a lot nano water purifier with various features and capacities. You can meet all your water needs when using. Make sure your family’s filtered water will have a TDS value within a safe range. You can also solve any problems hard water when using our water purifier.

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Above is the basic information about hard water, its harms and its treatment specialties for the daily life of your family. Handle it immediately if your family is experiencing these harms.

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