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 What is Fluoride?  Top 5 water filters for fluoride removal.

What is Fluoride? Top 5 water filters for fluoride removal.

Fluoride or fluoride is one of the substances added to toothpaste to help protect teeth. And it has been added directly to drinking water since the 1940s in some countries. However, a lot of controversy has arisen about fluoride – is there a health effect?

Effects of Fluoride

Agree that fluoride helps to improve oral health. However, this causes a host of other health problems. That is why we have to remove fluoride from the water.

Fluoride has a mouth-protecting effect

Fluoride has a mouth-protecting effect

Dosage control is unclear

Studies have shown that fluoride above 2 mg per liter can lead to minor lesions. The limit for fluoride in water is currently 4 mg / liter. This means that young children are at high risk of drinking water with a concentration higher than 2 mg / liter. This leads to damage, loss of enamel, discoloration and cavities.

Fluoride damages the brain and nervous system

Fluoride has been concluded by scientists to reduce IQ in children and reduce attention and concentration in adults. Causes serious damage in the brain. In addition it also affects the spine and spinal cord.

Excess fluoride can cause brain damage in young children

Excess fluoride can cause brain damage in young children

And many other health problems.

Using a lot of fluoride toothpaste puts teeth at risk of crumbling. White opaque spots on teeth form. This also means that if the body is exposed to the amount of fluoride, the abnormalities in the body are unavoidable. It could be a thyroid disorder, where the bones and joints are hardened, more brittle and more prone to fracture.

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How to remove fluoride from water.

Change the water source

This is the first measure we can call you. However that is when you have many choices about water. This is not easy to get in big cities. Families depend on the local water supply system.

Use a different source of drinking water

There are many bottled water products that follow the Healthy Drinking Water Code. However, the cost for this daily water is not suitable for all families. And especially the family still has to be exposed to water with high fluoride concentration when bathing, cooking and washing clothes.

Use a fluoride removal water filter

Water filters are now used by many families. Models, sizes and types of diversified prices range to suit each family condition. Often we only know water purifiers with the ability to handle heavy metals, soften hard water, and kill bacteria. In addition, the water purifier is also capable of completely removing fluoride or removing more than 90%. Bringing the level of fluoride in the water to the required level will both protect your teeth and keep your body from facing other health problems.

Water filters remove fluoride.

There are many filters that are capable of removing fluoride from water. But these will be the best options for fluoride removal.

Top best fluoride removal water filters

Top best fluoride removal water filters

Nano filter

Operates in nanotechnology with a very small pore size filter. Capable of removing contaminants from dirty water, viruses, bacteria, and even fluoride, or heavy metals. The advantage of this type is that it does not need electricity and does not have wastewater.

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See more lines Nano machine we provide.

Reverse osmosis filter

The filter uses a back pressure filtration process to remove contaminants from the water. The advantage of this type is that the obtained water product does not contain any harmful substances. But this is also a drawback, the water obtained is purified water requires additional mineral cores.

Alumina Filters

The activated alumina particles of the filters absorb all contaminants, fluoride is not an exception. However, if the filter is effective, the water will have a pH lower than 8.5.

Deionization filter

This filter removes all ionic particles and completely removes fluoride from the water. This filter is often used in conjunction with other filters due to its inability to remove non-ionic water contaminants.

Desktop water filter

Essentially this is an application of nanofilters, the only difference is that they are for narrower water sources and can be easily stored or carried.

Here are some information you need to know about how fluoride affects your health, along with a few ways to handle it that will hopefully help you make healthy choices.

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