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What is air? Air components

Air is an indispensable ingredient for every human being. Every day millions of people around the world are breathing in the same air. So, what is air? What is the air composition included? Effect of the air like?

What is air? What is the atmosphere?

Air it is the amount of gas that surrounds us. The air is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. This is a determining factor for human life as well as all living things on earth.

In fact, the air and the atmosphere are not intrinsically different. Both are synonyms. However, from an environmental science perspective, it is a little different. Accordingly, the air provides animals and plants to live in a small environment. Like a city, a forest, in a living room,… commonly called air. As for the gas flows in a large or global area, it is often called the atmosphere.

The thickness of the atmosphere is about 1000 km. In it, the main air layer that all living things use is the air surrounding the ground with a thickness of 10-12 km. But the atmosphere in different cases in different regions,… the quality will also be different.

Air is the amount of gas that surrounds us

The main ingredient of the air

What is the composition of the air? Air or atmosphere is a mixture of gases. Generally there are three main types of components: fixed ingredients, variable ingredients and non-fixed ingredients.

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Fixed ingredients

These are considered the main components of air. In the air, there are usually fixed gases such as nitrogen accounting for 78.09%, oxygen accounting for 20.95% and inert gases accounting for 0.93%. In total, these three types account for 99.97% of the total volume of the whole atmosphere. They will together with rare gas trace elements such as neon (Ne), helium (He), krypton (Kr), xenon (Xe), … form a fixed component of the atmosphere. Everywhere on earth this ratio is the same.

Ingredients subject to change

The main modifiable ingredients are carbon dioxide gas and water vapor in the air. Under normal conditions, the carbon content is 0.02% – 0.04%. And the water vapor content is below 4%. However, the concentrations of these ingredients often vary with season and climatic conditions. They affect the production and activities of human life.

If the air consists of only fixed and variable elements, this is pure air. Or clean air.

Ingredients are not fixed

Non-stationary components in addition to the main air components have two sources:

  1. Due to natural occurrences, natural disasters cause pollutants that arise.
  2. Due to human actions pollute the environment that takes shape.

These are the most common sources of uncertainty in the air. At the same time, it is also a major cause of air pollution.

In addition to the above-mentioned components of the air, there is also a small amount of negative ions in the air. Negative ions considered the vitamin of the air. It can help people maintain normal physiological functions. Usually ions are abundant in marine areas, forests, mountains, rural areas, … Therefore, people living in that environment will feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Air consists of 3 main components

Air consists of 3 main components

Effects of air

As mentioned above, the air determines human life. In addition it also affects the life of other organisms: plants, animals …

  • Without air, man cannot breathe and life stops. The most obvious evidence is the accidents that kill people like fire, asphyxiation, … all due to lack of air breathing.
  • A fresh air, helping people to relax and relax. Therefore, after tiring days, people often find places with lots of trees, fresh air and relaxation. After returning from those places, everyone felt their health and well-being and mental relaxation.
  • Animals and plants also take place by exchanging gases contained in the atmosphere for metabolic processes in the body. Therefore, without this process, plants and animals will become sick, thin, and gradually lose their life
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With the action of the air at an appropriate level, people have a new source of energy. Accordingly, people will have the best health to work, work, … On the contrary, if the air is polluted, it will directly affect people. Especially everyone’s health.

>> Air pollution’s serious health effects

The composition of the air you may not know

Air pollution is a big problem in many cities


A suitable atmosphere brings a lot of benefits to humans. However, more and more society develops the protection of the atmosphere – the source of human life is increasingly far from its original plans. Air pollution occurs throughout this planet, causing people to suffer more diseases, and life expectancy is significantly reduced. Humans are facing the threat of mother nature, first of all with heavy air pollution.

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