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What is a water allergy? Causes and ways to prevent

Water allergy is not a life-threatening illness. However, this is a disease that causes significant impacts on the daily life of the patient. Skin allergies can be painful and itchy. If not cared for properly, regularly scratched, the skin may be scratched, superinfected, and ulcerated.

What is a water allergy?

Water allergy is one of the diseases belonging to vAtopic dermatitis. This is a common skin disease. According to statistics, this disease accounts for up to 40% of all skin diseases. The manifestation of the disease is dry skin, a red, scaly rash that causes itching and discomfort for the patient.

Symptoms of this allergic reaction often include itching, hives, itchiness, and even pain. A rash or urticaria usually occurs in the neck, arms, and chest. However, it can still appear anywhere on the body. While they may not have much of an effect on health, these illnesses are still extremely uncomfortable. Because of the itchy feeling it gives. In addition, it also makes the patient’s skin lumpy, ugly, extremely unsightly.

Water allergies can occur anywhere on the body


Water wells

This is often the case in self-drilled wells. Because the well bed may contain toxic residues over the years or due to metal and mercury contamination. Especially, if the well is located near the manufacturing plants, chemical production factories, whose activities require water and wastewater, it is very easy to get allergic.

Accordingly, well water can cause patients to get a rash, blisters on the skin or cause atopic dermatitis. If this condition persists, toxins will accumulate in the body. Causes many chronic diseases later.

Toxic substances are often present in well water

Tap water allergy

Although this water has gone through a filtration process, it has ingredients chlorine. Should be easily irritating to people with sensitive locations. Chlorine plays a role in cleaning water sources but still has the ability to make the body react and become allergic. The main symptom is a red, itchy rash all over the body. It is advised to filter tap water with activated carbon or other chemicals in the filter.

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Rain water

Rainwater is somewhat similar to distilled water because it is also caused by condensation. Originally, this is considered as a clean natural water source, but due to the increasing environmental pollution, rainwater also contains many toxins and exposure can also cause allergies. Symptoms of a rainwater allergy are a rash and blisters that are also uncomfortable itching.

In particular, the present analogy acid rain happens very often. The acidity in the rainwater will cause skin allergies, rashes or diseases like fungus … Therefore, if you are allergic to rainwater, you should be careful to avoid exposure to rain.

Due to the polluted environment, the current rainwater is no longer clean

Due to the polluted environment, the current rainwater is no longer clean

Urticaria aquagenic disease

This is an allergic disease to all water sources. Make the sick person unable to contact any water source. Even sweat, blood and tears.

Up to now, it has not been found out the exact reason for this particular allergic condition. Just know that it’s an overly sensitive reaction to water. Even normal drinking, sweating, or bathing can cause allergic symptoms.

Accordingly, the patient when exposed to water will develop an itchy red rash all over the skin exposed to the water. Usually the rashes last from 10 minutes to 1 and a half hours. Allergic conditions are accompanied by headaches and shortness of breath, and can even lead to death if not promptly rescued.

Prevention measures

You should test the water source to see how toxic it is. And use home water filtration systems to remove chemicals that exist in the water. Currently on the market there are many types water purifier can remove harmful ingredients from the water. In addition, there are total filtration system. Help to filter all domestic water in the family. Providing a clean, safe water source for everyone.

Total filtration system is one of the leading solutions to help prevent skin allergies

Total filtration system is one of the leading solutions to help prevent skin allergies

Except because water is polluted or contains a lot of harmful detergents. Atopic dermatitis can be congenital. So for those who are allergic to water. However, despite conducted many different scientific studies. But experts have yet to find the exact cause for allergic skin phenomenon. Therefore, you should protect yourself from dirty water in all situations.

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