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What causes air pollution you may not know about?

The current level of environmental pollution is at an alarming level. In which, air pollution is considered the biggest threat to environmental health in the world. It has a negative impact on the environment, society and people. So, what is the cause of air pollution? How does it affect humans and all living things on earth?

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Causes of air pollution

Air pollution is caused by many factors. However, there are 2 main causes: natural and man-made pollution (caused by man). Detail:

Natural causes

  • Pollution from wind dust: Wind is one of the causes and spread of air pollution. Dirt and pollutant emissions can be pushed by the wind hundreds of kilometers. The pollution also spreads along the way.
  • Storms and tornadoes: Storms generate a large amount of NOx. Therefore, it is also one of the causes of environmental pollution. In addition, sand storms often carry fine dust (PM10, PM2.5), causing the rate of fine dust pollution to increase.
  • Forest fires: This is the reason why the amount of Nitrogen Oxide in the air increases quite a lot. Because of the large scale of the fire and the long extinguishing time.
  • Volcanic eruptions: When there is a volcanic eruption, a quantity of methane, chlorine, sulfur, … deep in the lava layers will be pushed out. Makes the air more polluted.
  • Time of season: Especially at the time of October to November, the time of season change, fog appears. The thick fog prevented the accumulated dust inside the city from escaping. Causing the phenomenon that the whole city is covered with dust (fine dust, super fine dust, …) Until noon, the new mist dissolves so the quality is improved. In this case, it is necessary to wait for cold air and northeast monsoons for the quality to improve.
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In addition, factors such as radioactive substances in nature, waves, decomposition and rot processes of plant and animal carcasses, etc. are also cause of air pollution. These are all objective causes, so it is difficult to prevent and eliminate.

Volcanic eruption is also a cause of air pollution

Volcanic eruption is also a cause of air pollution

Health consequences of climate change

Artificial causes

Humans are both the cause and also the victims of the current environmental pollution. Because human life activities often affect directly or indirectly the environment. And especially the atmospheric environment.

Industry and agriculture

Smoke, dust, and exhaust gases from industrial plants account for the largest proportion of the causes of environmental pollution. Including pollution water and air pollution. Manufacturing facilities inside and outside cities often have large amounts of CO poisonous gases2, CO, SO2, NOx. The same unburnt organic substances: soot, dust, … with extremely high concentrations. If in the process of treating, the exhaust gas is not good, it will adversely affect the health of the people living in that area. This is even the main cause of acid rain. Caused a lot of damage to humans as well as to crops

In addition, agricultural activities such as garden burning, triviaStraw on the days of the crop, … also causes dust. Making air pollution more and more high.

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The means of transport (such as cars, motorbikes, …) often use gas fuel to operate. These vehicles emit a large amount of exhaust gases and dust. For an underdeveloped or developing country like Vietnam, vehicles can cause serious air pollution. By using outdated means. Also, infrastructure for public mobility services is underdeveloped.

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Military operations

Nuclear weapons, toxic gases, chemical warfare and rockets are also among the causes of serious air pollution.

Facilities construction activities

Along with the development of economy and society. As a result, construction activities and demolition of buildings also increased. Causes serious air pollution. Especially in large cities this is one of the main causes of air pollution. In addition, production activities without minimum protection (such as smelters, …) are impacting day by day on air pollution.


The main cause of air pollution comes from cooking activities using ingredients such as firewood, coal, etc. to release smoke and dust into the environment.

Waste collection, waste treatment

With a large amount of garbage, not classified plus manual treatment (such as burning garbage directly in the environment). Has been causing direct impacts to the human living environment. In addition, perennial pollution of ponds and lakes, untreated sludge also significantly affects the level of air pollution.

Humans are the main cause of air pollution

Humans are the main cause of air pollution

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Consequences of air pollution

For plants and animals

Air pollution has a serious effect on all living things. Substances such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, fluorine, lead … cause direct harm to plants when entering the atmosphere. Damaging the system reduces drainage and reduces disease resistance.

Air pollution causes environmental phenomena such as the greenhouse effect, Climate Change. In particular, it also causes the phenomenon acid rain. This phenomenon has an indirect impact on the plant and causes the plant to lack food such as calcium, nutrients, microorganisms, … Acid rain causes aluminum ions to be released into the water and harm the roots. And reduce their absorption of food and water. In addition, acid rain erodes the waxy protective coating of the leaves. From there, making the plant less developed and dying.

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With animals, especially pets, Flo causes more disasters. They are poisoned by inhalation and through the food chain. Acidic air pollutants will bind water droplets in the cloud. Make the water acidic. When the drops rain water Falling to the ground will harm the environment: killing trees, animals, fish, … Acid rain also changes the properties of water in rivers, streams, … damaging aquatic organisms. .

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Acid rain adversely affects flora and fauna

Acid rain adversely affects flora and fauna

For man

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the human body only has a self-defense mechanism with dust particles larger than 10 micrometers in size. Dust sizes from 0.01 to 5 micrometres are trapped in the trachea and alveoli. Accordingly, PM2.5 fine dust is dust with a diameter less than 2.5 micrometres. This is the most dangerous pollutant for human health. Fine dust can penetrate deeply into the human body due to its very small size. And the health effects of many more people than any other pollutant, even in low concentrations. Accordingly, the fine and super fine dust particles are classified by the International Cancer Research Agency in the group of human carcinogens.

Air pollution is both a cause of formation, and a factor that aggravates numerous diseases. Such as asthma, cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, ventricular hypertrophy, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, retinopathy …

The polluted air causes many diseases for people

The polluted air causes many diseases for people

Protect your health from air pollution

There are many ways to prevent health effects from air pollution. For example, planting more trees, closing doors, wearing a mask or changing vehicles. However, these methods only partially prevent the harmful effects of air pollution.

Air pollution is still a hot issue in major cities, including Hanoi. This is seriously affecting the environment as well as health and human life. In addition, it also directly threatens the economic and social development.

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