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Warning: Fraudulent telephone health counseling to sell drugs

Warning: Fraudulent telephone health counseling to sell drugs

The Department of Food Safety (Food Safety) – The Ministry of Health has discovered and handled many cases of consulting staff calling customers, impersonating oriental medicine pharmacies to sell products, even hiring students, students without medical expertise act as… counselors.

Play the game on the patient’s psychology to solicit the sale of products

On April 21, the Food Safety Department released warning information, currently on some websites and some counseling centers often advertise or call the phone numbers of customers pretending to be traditional traditional medicine pharmacies. for advice on selling functional foods / health supplements.

It is worth mentioning that these consultants often use the “guise” introduced as drugs that have been evaluated by the Ministry of Health, especially the following products: Osteoarthritis; Male physiology; Diabetes; Stimulates hair growth; Insomnia treatment …

These counselors often speak in a threatening voice, because they can grasp the psychology of people who are often anxious. Employees often do not provide information about the address of the organization that makes the product and only sell through delivery rather than direct delivery.

“The Department of Food Safety has discovered and handled many cases, even some counseling centers are just students, students who have no expertise in medical examination and treatment. While the regulators are actively coordinating to deal with, consumers need to be wary of the above tricks ”- emphasized by the Department of Food Safety.

Be wary because anyone can be a victim

Previously, the Director of Food Safety Department Nguyen Thanh Phong was also the victim of the “trick” to call health advice, solicit the sale of traditional medicine, functional foods as above.

According to Mr. Phong, when he was sitting to receive a guest, he received a strange phone call, on the other end of the female voice, introduced and advised the weight loss product of Ba Dung. Duplicate is the weight loss product Ms. Dung was signed by the Director of Food Safety Department Nguyen Thanh Phong to suspend, request to withdraw because of the violation not long ago.

People should be wary of the fraudulent sales tactics of the above units. When having health problems should seek medical attention and use medicine as directed by your doctor. Absolutely wary, not trusting and buying through telephone counseling units to avoid losing money.

(According to Capital Security)

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