Using banana leaves instead of nylon bags to protect the environment, is it possible?

Using banana leaves instead of nylon bags to protect the environment, is it possible?

Many supermarkets have changed food packages with nylon bags to banana leaves to protect the environment. Consumers expressed their satisfaction and support for this solution. The green color and safety for health from banana leaves create a new and unique feeling for the stalls


Vietnam ranks 4th in the world for pollution of the marine environment from plastic waste. According to published data, only 6 countries in Asia, including Vietnam, have discharged into the sea an amount of plastic waste accounting for 60% of the total amount of plastic waste in the world. This is a “burden” for the environment, even leading to a disaster that experts call “white pollution”.

Plastic garbage has a very long life, a plastic water bottle can last for 10 centuries. Every year, plastic waste causes great environmental damage, killing millions of living things. Adversely affects human health. Therefore, along with other countries, in Vietnam, the “Movement against plastic waste”, or initiatives to replace nylon bags, straws, and plastic products with other environmentally friendly ones has been The government encourages and promotes it widely in many ministries, branches and localities ..

Since April, after more than a month of implementation, banana leaves to replace plastic bags have been applied in many supermarkets from North to South. This movement has been well received by the people. Supermarkets that apply banana leaf packages all have high arrivals. In addition, businesses and people are also enthusiastic to participate in the direction of replacing plastic bags with more friendly products such as biodegradable microbial bags made from corn starch. Refuse disposable plastic products. Replacing plastic straws with straws made from reeds and products used many times is being actively responded by many restaurants in Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City and many urban areas.


Although, initially changing to banana leaf food packages makes shops and supermarkets more labor-intensive, from sourcing to buy leaves, sorting, preliminary processing, packaging … while the price the cargo must not be increased. But, in order to change consumers’ habits in using nylon bags, many food suppliers are not afraid of difficulties, accepting to reduce profits.

Compared with the trend of using straws made of rice flour, almond grass, bamboo … instead of plastic straws, the movement of using banana leaves instead of plastic packaging to pack vegetables has a much faster spread. In fact, the replication of positive examples, propaganda on changing the perception of using plastic bags from individuals to the whole community has brought about positive results.

However, the replacement of nylon bags with banana leaves only partially reduces the amount of plastic bags emitted. In order to protect the environment and prevent plastic waste, many synchronous solutions are needed. Specific actions, such as laws and regulations that are strictly controlled, have a direct, strong impact on companies, businesses that generate high volumes of waste or contribute to high amounts of plastic waste. Along with that are sanctions to encourage and support people and businesses to use environmentally friendly alternative materials. If so, the practical meaning of using new environmentally friendly materials spread, not just stop at movement and apply in a limited number of locations.

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