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Tips for protecting strong and shiny teeth

Tips for protecting strong and shiny teeth

“The tooth of the hair is the human angle”. Strong and shiny teeth not only help you have a beautiful smile, shine, but also help us to be confident in communication. When you eat and drink, you are not afraid to encounter painful dental problems.

Here are the best ways to protect teeth want to share with you:

Brush your teeth 2 times a day to remove food plaque. Use toothpaste that matches the properties of your teeth and gums. Using additional floss, mouthwash is also a way to protect teeth. Help clean teeth, brighten, fresh breath.

If you don’t want a mouthwash that comes with flavorings, use salt and lemon. Dilute the salt and squeeze a few more drops of lemon juice. Salt water has high antiseptic properties. The acids in lemons help soften plaque on teeth. This is an effective way to eliminate bad breath. However, do not overdo lemon salts as often as they can erode your enamel

Tip 2: Stay away from cigarettes, alcoholic, carbonated drinks and dyes.

Cigarette smoking is not only the cause of deadly cancers, but also makes your teeth dull quickly. The smokers often drink with teas, so their teeth stains even more. If you want a beautiful white teeth, the best way to protect your teeth is to limit or quit completely.

Alcohol, carbonated water is also one of the reasons that weaken your enamel. As the enamel wears down and weakens, your teeth will often be sharpened when eating hot, cold, and sour food. In addition, colored drinks such as tea, water, and color soft drinks will dye your teeth. They will take away the white color inherent from the teeth. Teeth weaker and discolored if you regularly use carbonated soft drinks. Drink filtered water, they are both good for your health and protect your teeth.

Tip 3: Try home whitening methods

Banana peel: Using banana peels to protect teeth and whiten teeth is quite popular. You rub the banana peel gently on your teeth for 2 minutes. After that, brush your teeth thoroughly and rinse your mouth. The vitamin D and minerals in the banana peel will help you have a shiny white teeth and a radiant smile.

Rice water: Water to wash rice contains vitamin PP will remove dirt around the root. It helps clean tooth decay, anti-periodontitis and antiseptic, reduces bad smell in the mouth. You can do this every day. However, leaving teeth white according to this natural method requires long-term persistence.

Teeth whitening with baking soda + strawberries: A lot of people use baking soda as a way to protect teeth and whiten teeth. Baking soda salt plays a role in helping to kill bacteria and soften plaque. Strawberries are often used as toothpaste. Strawberries have an enzyme called malic acid that removes stains on solid surfaces. A combination of baking soda and strawberries will help keep your teeth white. However, you should only use it 1 to 2 times a week to avoid weakening the enamel.

Tip 4: Go to the dentist

See a dentist right away if you experience dental problems. Teething, gingivitis, root bleeding, tooth sensitivity, tooth decay, wisdom tooth teething, … affect your life and health. Especially for children and the elderly are the ones who are most prone to oral problems. When it is necessary to have teeth extracted, take them to medical facilities.

Absolutely do not arbitrarily buy drugs and treat at home. There have been cases of self-treatment tooth decay causing infection of the pulp and blood, which is life-threatening.

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