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Things you must know when buying a nano water purifier

Things you must know when buying a nano water purifier

In the summer, the demand for water increases. Using polluted water is a concern of many families. Nano water purifier is considered one of the leading clean and safe water solutions for the health of consumers. Read the notes below to be able to choose the most suitable machine.

The nature of the input water source

Tap water is most suitable for Nano water purifier

Before buying a water purifier, you need to determine which water source your family is using. Nano water purifier has the best effect for households that use tap water.

As for the heavily polluted water sources, contaminated with many impurities such as well water, rain water, .. Nano water purifier does not maximize efficiency. If you filter these types of water, the filters will be damaged very quickly. These types of water require raw upstream treatment. Then we can use the Nano machine.

If any establishment selling Nano water purifier advertises that their Nano Water Purifier can filter all polluted water sources in the most effective way. Absolutely do not believe!

Absolutely do not buy the machine in non-genuine facilities.

There are many establishments that sell non-genuine Nano water filters. The price is cheaper than the market, so it often attracts consumers. They use fake stamps and models that are difficult for customers to recognize.

To be able to buy genuine, you need to find out through the information of those establishments. At the same time, you should consult friends and relatives to see which brand of water purifier they use, how quality. Before buying the machine, you can go up Website of units to see the types of machines they are doing business.

You can call their customer care departments to check on basic information. If you want to be more sure and secure, go to see the products of the seller directly Nano water purifier there.

Carefully read the specifications of the device

Each type of machine has the basic parameters such as: Filter capacity, Machine size, Filter capacity, Output water pressure, Minimum water pressure height, Brand origin, …

To be able to choose a machine that best suits your needs and your family’s use, you should read and understand these parameters. Does your family have many members? -If there are many members, you should choose machines with large filter capacity and vice versa. Is your family small or large? –If the house is narrow, choose a compact size. If the space is large, you can choose a larger size machine, …

Note warranty and maintenance after the purchase

Pay attention to the warranty and maintenance of the supplier to avoid errors when using.

Warranty and maintenance after purchase is very important. In the process of using, you can hardly observe with the naked eye to know whether the filtered water has deteriorated or not.

A feature of the water purifier is that the material of the water purifier will be consumed during use. Especially filter core system. The quality of the filter element is the deciding factor in whether the quality of filtered water meets the standards or not. Therefore, to ensure safe water outlet and maintain a good life of the filter, you need to conduct a machine test and replace the core according to the advice of the supplier.

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