Things you may not know about when replacing the water filter at home

Vì sao nên thay lõi lọc nước tại nhà

We all know that the current level of water pollution is at an alarming rate. More specifically, when machine water is also a potential danger. There are many factors that can be harmful to health. Therefore, a water purifier is an indispensable home appliance in every kitchen of any family. However, to keep water sources safe and cost-effective. The periodic replacement of the water filter at home is also very important.

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Why must replace the old water filter element periodically?

Each cartridge in these water purifier Different have different functions. Accordingly, they will have a different shelf life. If there is a core type, 3 months is the end of the effect to filter dirt or harmful substances in the water. Some types of cores are 6 months old, but others also expire after 12 months.

The water filter elements with the main function of capturing impurities mixed in the water source. Therefore, after a period of use, impurities & harmful substances will accumulate in the filter core with many bacteria. The filter may be clogged or reverse osmosis will damage the water source. So to have a filter that can filter water in the best way for the health. You should replace the core of the water purifier periodically.

Paying attention to the time of the core and replacing the expired water filter will ensure more stable operation. And the filtered water is also safer. Because when the time of use is over, those filters will no longer work to remove dirt, bacteria, viruses and harmful substances from the water. If left for a long time, the impurities from the filter can seep into the waterways that you use. This has a direct impact on the health of you and those in your family.

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In addition, the replacement of old filters must be flexible. You should not rely solely on the time and frequency of use. It also depends on the input water that your family is using.

Replace the water filter at home to help protect your health

Replace the water filter at home to help protect your health

Replace the water filter at home

Many consumers often wonder that can the filter be replaced? Or is it necessary to rely on technical staff? However, in reality, you can completely replace the water filter at home. Without the help of technical staff. The following are notes when you replace the water filter at home.

Steps to change filter cartridge

  1. KhOh yeah valve nto wish. This step is an indispensable step when installing and replacing the filter cartridge.
  2. Turn the filter core out counter-clockwise.
  3. When installing a new filter element. In this step you need to pay attention to arrange the filter columns in the correct order (the filter columns are numbered on each column).
  4. Finally, turn on the power source to let the water purifier work properly again.

Notes when replacing filter at home

When you first replace the water filter, you should rinse the entire machine. Because, there may be sediment and dust activated carbon in the water arising in the process of passing through the filter core. Water after going through the cores will create a flow of color washout and tiny dust particles on the material. Completely clean the filter material. So, after replacing the filter element, you should rinse out 4-5 times the first time to drink. To ensure water quality after filtration.

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Disassembly and replacement of the water filter core is quite simple, right? So you can completely replace the core yourself when it is damaged or it is up to time periodically. This will save you and your family a lot of time. Although water filter distributors nowadays have a policy to replace the water filter element after purchase.

Should rinse through when replacing the water filter at home

Should rinse through when replacing the water filter at home


Water accounts for 70% of the body and has many benefits for human health. Therefore, the water quality must always be guaranteed. But with industrialization and density water pollution The current. Especially in cities, the issue of having clean water must always be considered. The use of water filters to have clean water for drinking and living has become popular and popular. But choosing to buy a water purifier suitable for the family is not all. To maintain clean water and ensure the water source after filtration, you also need to pay attention to the shelf life of the water filter.

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