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Things to keep in mind when choosing to buy a water purifier for the home

Water purifier gradually becomes an indispensable device in every home. To choose to buy a water purifier like that, consumers need to know some basic things about this product. For example, choose RO or Nano technology, use electricity or not, the type with waste water is different from no wastewater, product life, reputable brands, …

High consumer demand inevitably spreads counterfeit and poor quality products in the market. Therefore, you also need to learn about reputable places, clear sources to avoid harm to health. To ensure customers do not encounter this situation, today we will detail what to know when choosing to buy a water purifier.

Should you choose to buy a water purifier using RO or Nano technology?

Currently there are many types of water purifiers on the market

Currently there are many types of water purifiers on the market

There are many types of water purifiers, applying various advanced technologies. In which, RO filter technology and Nano filter technology are the most popular. Each type has different advantages / disadvantages, suitable to the characteristics of the water source and the needs of each household.

RO water purifier

RO water purifier (short for Reverse Osmosis): uses membrane filter with very small filter slot size – 0.0001 mirco meter. Helps to minimize solid impurities such as mud, sand, moss, heavy metal ions and harmful microorganisms and bacteria. The filtered water can be drunk directly, without boiling to cool. RO filter is suitable for all water sources: tap water, rain water, well water, river water, …

Structure diagram of RO water purifier

Structure diagram of RO water purifier


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– Can be used for all water sources

– RO screen can be self-washed when filtering water

– The water pump is suitable for installation with low water pressure


– There is wastewater. Normally 10 liters of raw water will filter 3-5 liters of purified water.

– Use the electricity. It will be a difficult problem on rainy days that cause power outages for a long time.

– There is often noise

– The RO filtration system can remove even healthy minerals. Long-term use of drinking water easily produces a lack of mineral ions in the body. If you choose an RO machine, you need to pay attention to whether the product has a mineral supplement core or not.

– For heavily alum contaminated water sources, pre-filter should be made. Otherwise, it will damage the filters quickly.

Nano water purifier

Nano water purifier usually has a structure of 3 filter columns with billions of Nano holes to help remove harmful bacteria and retain healthy mineral ions. Ensure the output water is pure, drink immediately without boiling. Nano filter is only recommended for use with tap water. However, this product has outstanding advantages in saving water and electricity.

Nano water purifier helps to retain mineral ions with health benefits

Nano filter helps to retain mineral ions with health benefits


– There is no waste water

– Do not use electricity

Rarely emits noise

– Compact, easy to install at home

– Keeps minerals that are beneficial to the body

– Time to use core up to 10,000 liters


– Use only with tap water or raw filtered water

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– There is no pump, so it cannot be used with low pressure water inlet.

The selling price of RO and Nano water purifier is similar. You should consider the general needs and water conditions of the family to choose the right water purifier.

What is the difference between a water filter and a water filter?

When you learn about water filters, you will find that there are two main types: water filters and water filters. A lot of people mistakenly believe that these two products have the same function. And choose to buy water purification because the price is cheaper and use drinking water filter directly. However, the water filter has a simple structure, only used to remove impurities, dirt. Water must be boiled to cool before being placed in a water filter or vice versa. Otherwise, you could be infected with bacteria, viruses that cause diarrhea, and heavy metal compounds that also pose a risk of kidney stones and urinary tract diseases.

Learn carefully to not confuse the functions of the 2 devices

Learn carefully to not confuse the functions of the 2 devices

Meanwhile, the water purifier has a complicated structure and uses advanced technology. You can drink water directly after filtration without having to worry about the above problems. The water filter has the advantage of compactness, easy to carry around or for private use at work. Case for the whole family aqualife.vn Suggest that you choose to buy a water purifier. The need to not boil helps to save fuel, and also faster filtration speed.

Choose reputable brands and genuine selling places

Currently there are many brands of water purifiers. You should consult with friends and relatives who have used the water purifier. Or learn more through the genuine website, thanks to a counselor. If you choose a Nano water filter, you should refer to the following 3 products: Barrier Expert Hard, Barrier Ferrum and Barrier Ultra. This is a prestigious brand originating from Russia, receiving many certifications for the quality of the filtered water source. Warranty time up to 36 months, weight less than 2.5 kg, easy to install and no electricity, no waste water.

Barrier product research center in Russia

Barrier product research center in Russia

Regarding a reputable place, you can refer to the address or call the customer care call center at the bottom of the page for specific advice. Wish you quickly buy the right water purifier!

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