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The role of water and its effects on human society

The role of water and its effects on human society

Water plays a very important role for humans or any living thing on earth. This is one of the most valuable resources. Water is needed for all life and growth. Water is both the environment, but it is also the source of life. Water both carries a wealth of health benefits. But it is also the input, the raw material in production activities, agriculture. In a nutshell, if the earth did not have water it would not have existed. So what is the role of water? The current situation of water resources like?

Water Resources

Water is not infinite

More than 75% of the Earth’s area is covered with water. The amount of water on Earth is about 1.38 billion km³. Of which 97.4% is salt water in the world’s oceans, the rest, 2.6%, is fresh water, existing mainly as ice and snow on the poles and on the mountains, only 0.3% of water worldwide is usable as drinking water.

Therefore, providing clean water will be one of the biggest challenges facing humanity in the coming decades. Because water is a renewable, but not infinite, resource. Along with increasing pollution and increasing population. Clean water is expected to soon become a valuable resource no less valuable than oil in the last century.

But not like petroleum that can be replaced by other fuels. Electricity, biofuel, gas, … Water cannot be replaced. And in the world all living things need it to ensure their own life. So the issue of water has become an important topic in international conferences.

Water shortage

In addition, the situation of irrational water exploitation and use is also very dangerous. Because, this is the cause that affects many communities, many countries around the world. Especially the human and economic damages. Lack of water has also been a cause of conflicts. Between regions, countries, … Leads to world security disorder

Water shortages are also partly due to human consciousness. Almost only 55% of the water is actually exploited and used. The remaining 45% are lost and leaked. In addition, using too much fossil fuel has broken groundwater veins. Accordingly, that causes many other consequences. Like global warming, Climate Change, greenhouse, ozone layer baskets, …

The current water resource is seriously depleted

The current water resource is seriously depleted

The importance of water to the earth

Life on earth originated in water. All life on earth is related and dependent on water and the water cycle. Water is an important component of biological cells and is the environment of basic biochemical processes such as photosynthesis.

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The natural water sources are constantly moving. And change the different states of existence such as solid, liquid, gas, … Creating water cycle in the biosphere. Water evaporates, condenses and rains, … Accordingly, they transport, dissolve and carry many nutrients. Minerals and some substances are essential to the life of life on earth.

Water has a decisive influence on the climate and is the cause of the weather. Solar energy unevenly heats the oceans that create currents around the globe.

The role of water is very important to life

The role of water is very important to life

The role of water for people and society

Water participates in biosphere structural composition. They regulate climatic, soil and biological factors. Water also helps to meet the diverse needs of people in daily activities. Such as irrigation for agriculture, supporting industrial production, exploiting and producing electricity, creating many beautiful and magnificent natural landscapes to help exploit tourism services of all parts of the country.

The role of water for people

In life

Water is an indispensable part of every human life. From personal activities such as bathing, washing hair, brushing teeth, … to the process of preliminary processing and cooking food to eat. It would be hard to imagine if there was no water in the cooking process, right? In addition, life activities such as washing dishes, cleaning the house, washing, … Water is also an indispensable ingredient.

Above are just the essential elements, there are many daily activities that require water. Therefore, water is not only essential for the human body but also important for our daily life activities.

In health


Water is a valuable resource, essential for human activities. Water accounts for 74% of the infant’s weight, 55-60% of the adult man’s body, and 50% of the adult female body.

Water is essential for body growth and maintenance. Because it is related to all activities and activities. Such as activities of digestion, absorption of food and food. Because water has the ability to provide minerals, and transport essential nutrients to cells, between organs, … Accordingly, it sustains all activities in the body. According to research of scientists around the world, people can live up to 5 weeks when fasting. However, if you do not drink water, you can only live no more than 5 days. Even the body only needs to lose more than 10% of water to cause danger to life. If it is lost 20-22%, it will lead to death.

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Conditioning your body temperature

When adding water to the body, they work to regulate a balanced body temperature at 37 degrees Celsius. Surely everyone knows that, even when the weather is hot or cold, our body temperature will automatically adjust. correction. And water is the most important factor to maintain that.

Brain health

Also according to another research by scientists. They showed that up to 80% of the tissue composition in the human brain is made up of water. Frequent lack of drinking water will reduce morale. The ability to practice together will also be worse. And sometimes it is also the cause of memory loss.

Purification, detoxification

In addition, water also has the task of purifying and releasing toxins
Enter the body through the digestive and respiratory tract effectively. Much
Research also shows that: water is a major component of the cartilage layer and active substance
When the unit is supplied with enough water, the direct impact will be reduced, slowly
That reduces the risk of arthritis. Drink enough water to keep the urinary system active
Regular exercise, which flushes out toxins in the body, can prevent survival
Long-term deposits of toxins that cause cancer: drinking plenty of water every day helps
dilute and increase the amount of urine excreted as well as contribute to promote circulation
throughout the body, thereby preventing the formation of stones: urinary tract,
bladder, ureter …

Weight loss

Water is also an effective and simple way to lose weight, especially drinking a full glass of water when you feel hungry or before each meal. The feeling of a full stomach due to water (no calories, no fat) will suppress the appetite and more importantly, the water stimulates the metabolism, quickly burning calories absorbed through the food. If every day to drink six glasses of water regularly, a year can lose two kg of body weight.

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Water is an indispensable element in human life

Water is an indispensable element in human life

The role of water in society


Water is essential for both livestock and farming. Lack of water, plants and animals cannot grow. So water is very necessary. Specifically, in some of the following agricultural activities indispensable for water:

  • Water is used to water plants.
  • Water to spray pesticides.
  • Water is used to wash finished agricultural products.
  • Water used for breeding, washing barns.
  • Water is also used for irrigation, irrigation systems.

In our folklore, we have a saying: “First country, second division, three need, four varieties”. Just through this sentence we can see the role of water in agriculture. Watering and fertilizer are the two most important factors in essential needs.

In agriculture, water plays a very important role, if there is no water, no plants will survive. In plants, water plays a role in transferring nutrients from easy to stems, branches, leaves to help plants survive and grow. Without water the plants will wither and die.


Not only for agriculture, but also in the water industry is an extremely important element. Typically exploiting the energy of water to produce electrical energy. Use water as an energy source. Used in ore mining areas, oil refineries. Food processing and manufacturing factories, …

Travel services

Currently, river tourism and sea tourism are also developing. Especially on long, wide coastline. It would be impossible to imagine a resort with no rivers, no sea, or frankly, without water.

In addition, water also creates majestic natural wonders. From waterfalls to caves, rivers and streams, … All are the achievements of water in the past thousands, thousands of years ago.


Sea, river traffic is a potential and strategic road today. All major activities are transported by sea and river. Therefore, the river and sea route are of great significance, deciding many issues not only economic but also cultural, political and social.

Boats are one of the means of transport that are no stranger in human life

Reality shows that, all industries, all activities from living to production, construction, entertainment, and tourism are indispensable for water. Water plays a great role in all activities of life. That is why the protection, preservation and saving of water resources are the work of each of us. No one is not responsible. However, our water source is now increasingly polluted, the water is always in a black state, and an unpleasant odor spreads over an area. Have you really been able to fully appreciate and preserve this wonderful resource, the one that is still alive?

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