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Storing your juice best practices – Storing your juice

Are you preserving the juice properly?

You have spent your time, your time, your money (or a bunch of money, you can understand what you mean by organic stuff), to get a beautiful, nutritious cup of juice. Trust me: you have to drink as soon as you can. Drinking the juice as soon as it is pressed, pure, fresh, is the best way to enjoy the right juice.

Every time you want to drink juice, you’ll follow the same process – that’s in the ideal world. But with the modern life, the to-do list is long and you don’t have time for these ‘snobbish’ things (only time spent surfing Facebook is the same thing), making juice once you use it. One day (even two) is the best idea. Of course, if you want to save time, you need to prepare everything. Having a plan, things will go much more smoothly.

And when you have pressed the amount of juice, in addition to drinking 1 part of the juice, the rest needs to be preserved as best as possible. Proper juice storage saves busy people time, like us, and still benefits from the juice. Because for many people, if they do not prepare and prepare like that, they will never drink the juice, let alone drink it regularly.

So what are the notes to preserve the best juice – minimize the nutritional loss and quality of the juice?

  • Please preserve it as soon as it is pressed.
  • Store the juice in an airtight glass container, such as a lovely glass bottle that fits one serving of juice you usually drink (like I use a 300ml glass bottle with a rubber gasket).
  • When pouring juice into a container, fill the mouth of the bottle with the juice – minimize the amount of air between the water and the cap (reduce oxidative oxygen exposure), and no air in between. the better.
  • Another little note is that you can add a little lemon when pressed (as you often see in many juice recipes containing ½ – 1 lemon): both to increase flavor, and to help minimize nutritional loss in the process of preservation thanks to the amount of vitamin C, citric acid and antioxidants (just like when squeezing a lemon into an apple will make the apple darker)
  • Juice is best stored in a place protected from light. Because the juice will oxidize when exposed to heat and light. You can store juices in thermo thermos bottles, although they don’t look as ‘glamorous’ as they would be in a glass bottle because you can see all its colors. If you need to move and bring juice bottles with you for an hour or more, use travel ice boxes.
  • In general, the juice, if stored as above, can be stored for 24 hours (with a centrifuge) and 48 hours (with a slow press) in the refrigerator cooler (<5oC), even for up to 72 hours.
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However, the longer it is left, the more of the juice will naturally lose its nutrition. It is best if we squeeze it in the morning and drink it during the day.

If you really need a longer storage, you should frozen juice. If frozen, do not pour the juice tightly, leaving some air for the juice to expand (about 5-10cm on top). When to drink, place it in the cooler or soak the juice bottle in plain water to thaw (never defrost for long time outside normal temperature or in the microwave) and drink immediately after thawing. This defrosting principle applies equally to other fresh foods. However, coagulating juice is preferred with a material other than glass as it has a very high risk of cracking.

Remember, juices oxidize faster than fruits and vegetables when they are whole, because when pressed, the cell composition of the fruit and vegetables is broken down, so nutrients are easily exposed. Gas, temperature and light, and for longer periods of time these factors decrease the nutritional quality of the juice.

The above storage times are approximate. It is important that we observe it when using it. If you see a change in the flavor, taste and color of the juice, which indicates that the juice has been highly oxidized, there is a risk that unhealthy bacteria will multiply and can cause abdominal pain. Make use of your own intuition.

Remember: always try to drink the freshest juice when possible, as soon as it is finished! And if you can’t drink it right away, preserve the best juice possible!

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