Standard 42, 53 ANSI / NSF

Standard 42, 53 ANSI / NSF

Water plays a very important role in our life. But as a result of climate change and environmental pollution, clean water is becoming increasingly scarce. If using substandard water for a long time, it can cause many diseases that are harmful to human health. Currently on the market, there are many types of water purification products with a variety of models and promising prices and quality from manufacturers that confuse consumers.we – Barrier BWT Group proud to be one of the top 5 brands in the field of water purification in Russia and recognized for its quality in accordance with European standards. Barrier BWT filtered water ensures that you can drink directly 42, 53 ANSI / NSF international standards. In addition, Barrier BWT is also member of the International Water Quality Association and the International Water Association (WQA).

1. ANSI / NSF standards

What is ANSI / NSF standard?

NSF (National Sanitary Foundation) is the World Health Organization (WHO) Cooperative Center for Food and Drink Safety. NSF is one of three reputable independent, non-governmental, non-profit inspection organizations (besides WQA – Water Quality Association, UL – Underwriters Laboratories).

Criteria to recognize the water meeting NSF’s standards

NSF only certifies a product when it meets the five requirements:

1. The ability to filter as committed by the manufacturer.

2. The filter does not add harmful substances to the water.

3. The filter device has a stable structure.

4. Not confusing advertisements, technical documents and labels.

5. Material and process unchanged (product with stable quality and reliability)

NSF and scoring criteria apply to water treatment units

1. Criterion 42: Sensory standards of drinking water treatment units (flavor, odor, color)

2. Standard 44: Cation Exchange water softener

3. Criterion 53: Health and safety standards of drinking water treatment units

4. Standard 55: UV water treatment system

5. Standard 58: Hygiene, safety & health premium standard for Drinking Water Reverse Osmosis System

6. Standard 62: Drinking water distillation system

NSF represents technical excellence in the field of health and public safety. The NSF mark is a symbol of safety. NSF / ANSI certification does not happen once, but it is checked at the production site of the manufacturing facility. Regularly re-test the product to ensure that they continue to meet the high standards required to remain certified. If, for any reason, a product does not meet one or more of the certification criteria, NSF will take legal action to protect you. Actions include product recall, public announcement or cancellation of the certificate.

As such, All of our Barrier products are standards according to NSF / ANSI 42.53 certification, that is: the filtered water not only meets the sensory standards (colorless, does not smell strange, strange taste ..) but also meets the standards of hygiene and safety for the health of customers, completely remove dirt, bacteria, heavy metals while retaining beneficial minerals.

2. The International Water Quality Association and the International Water Association (WQA)

Water quality association (WQA – WATER QUALITY ASSOCIATION) is the world’s leading, reputable, non-profit organization for international water quality testing. WQA members include equipment manufacturers, suppliers, agents and distributors of water quality improvement products and services. WQA only issues membership certification to businesses that pass the stringent WQA tests. Currently WQA has 2,500 members, including 600 companies / manufacturers, 1700 agents and 200 other alliances. The benefits of joining WQA are to use a large amount of information about the industry, high-quality training programs, update the latest technologies and techniques, especially the extensive cooperation of members together.

WQA Gold Seal Certification

Barrier BWT is a member of the International Water Quality Association and the International Water Association (WQA). We are honored to receive the WQA Gold Seal (WQA’s Gold Seal). It is the highest international certification in the water purification industry, granted only to WQA members. The golden seal is a prestigious sign that customers can trust in choosing a water treatment product, the main criterion of the golden seal is that the product is safe, friendly and effective in accordance with the commitment of the manufacturer. export.

WQA’s Gold Seal Certification was born as a guideline to help consumers make effective choices. The criteria to help WQA gold seal help consumers feel secure:

Quality assurance:

Based on the gold seal, agents, retailers, consumers will be assured that the product has gone through a rigorous inspection process according to industry standards. Furthermore this process is repeated every year. Products are only allowed to maintain the golden seal when they pass WQA’s various and continuous tests.

Diverse evaluation criteria:

The criteria that WQA focuses on are the consistency of the product structure, the safety of the environment, and the safety of the materials produced in contact with water. Besides that is another complex technical requirements document.

– Possibility of great influence:

The identity of the golden seal is simple but has a great deal of meaning. We assure our customers that the properties and the water-making processes of the products are true.

– Protect consumers:

Living conditions, infrastructure, and water resources vary from country to country. This is the pressure on water suppliers, the production process is easily overloaded and poor quality. For WQA’s gold-stamped water purification products, worries about water pollution are gone. Only when the product completely overcomes this obstacle will it be allowed to own the gold seal. If, after the periodic testing, the product has errors, the certificate will be stripped again.

– Consistency:

WQA does not offer an infinite certificate. Annual inspection programs will re-verify product quality and make adjustments if mistakes are made. The manufacturing company must ensure that the product is not only produced continuously, but also has a consistent process from start to finish.


WQA certification

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