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Signs that your body is severely dehydrated

Signs that your body is severely dehydrated

Dehydration is a phenomenon when someone becomes dehydrated more than the amount of water taken into the body, otherwise lost fluid replenishment can suffer serious consequences. Together with dissect common signs of dehydration to help readers prevent them in time before it happens.

1. Dry mouth

Usually the first sign. Dry mouth is a sign of dehydration because 99% of the saliva is water and will not be able to produce saliva if the body is not fluid enough. In addition, bad breath is often caused by dry mouth. If your mouth is dry you need to drink more water right away. Keep a water bottle with you wherever you go and drink it as often as possible.

Dry mouth is the first sign of dehydration

2. Dark urine and decreased urination

Urine is considered a measure of human health based on quantity, color, and taste. The more water they contain, the clearer they are. When the urine is too dark, the excess nutrients will accumulate together and create kidney stones.Therefore, this particular water with a dark or dark color is a warning sign you should replenish fluids. .

Water helps the kidneys remove toxins from the blood in the form of urine. If the organ is not properly hydrated, you will not urinate often. Long-term storage of these substances can lead to serious health problems. In addition to the kidneys, every other part of the body including the heart, brain and lungs needs water to function properly.

Little, dark urine is a symptom of dehydration

3. Reduced blood pressure, headache, dizziness:

Blood up to 83% is water, so less water is in the body, so the blood becomes more concentrated and it is easier to have trouble circulating to all parts of the body, less blood is transported. This causes the blood pressure to drop leading to headaches, dizziness and even faster heart beats to pump more blood.

Headache, dizziness caused by dehydration

4. Constipation

Like the kidneys, the digestive system needs plenty of water to function properly. Water helps food move through the intestines, which in turn helps maintain the health of this organ. Constipation can be a sign that the body doesn’t have enough fluids to flush toxins out.


This is one of the most obvious signs of dehydration. When you don’t get enough fluids in your body, the blood pressure drops, the blood flow to the brain becomes slower, combined with an increased heart rate. All these changes can make you feel uncomfortable.If the brain doesn’t have enough water to function properly, a host of symptoms will arise. Loss of consciousness, feeling light-headed, dizzy, and fainting are some of the serious signs that people need to rehydrate right away.

What to do when dehydrated?

Treatment for mild to severe dehydration depends on the amount of body fluid lost. If it is mild, please drink water and consume foods containing sodium to store fluids. Drink in small sips, avoid adding large amounts of water at the same time because this can overload the stomach, leading to nausea.

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If water and salty foods don’t help with these symptoms, you may be experiencing severe dehydration. Sports drinks containing electrolytes are essential. Electrolytes are minerals found in fluids and if you sweat a lot, you need to replenish them as much as water.

Severe vomiting, mood swings, and fainting are all signs of dehydration that indicate that you need immediate medical attention.

Need to drink enough 3 liters of water per day to stay healthy

Therefore, to avoid dehydration which has a negative impact on your health, each person should form a habit of drinking enough 2 liters of water a day to always keep the body in the best condition.

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