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 Should we use Nano or Ro water purifier?  Which one is better?

Should we use Nano or Ro water purifier? Which one is better?

Nano and Ro are essentially two of the most popular water purification technologies on the market today. Each technology has its own strength depending on the water source that needs to be filtered in. There are many questions that readers are giving that is it better to use a Nano or Ro water purifier … Let’s find out more with with the content below!


Tap water (tap water) is typically treated through a home system water purifier with industrial methods used to supply water to urban areas. This type of water, after being treated at the water purification plant, will be put into the water pipes leading to consumption.

Tap water is considered quite clean. It reduces the risk of these Infectious Diseases through water. However, tap water is still susceptible to biological or chemical pollution that is unsafe for users’ health. Species country This is often reflected as hard water (water with a total calcium and magnesium content exceeding the Health Ministry’s clean water standard of 300mg / liter), and an excess of CLO due to in-plant water treatment. When boiling, white residue may appear on the bottom of the kettle, water mixed with impurities.

nano or ro water purifier will be better

Nano – Barrier water purifier retains healthy minerals

For this tap water, it is recommended to use filtered water Water purifier with Nano technology:

  • Mechanical mechanism: Filtration of large components is eliminated in the water
  • Adsorption filter mechanism: Heavy metals will be retained by adsorption filter mechanism of the nanofilters
  • Ion exchange filtration mechanism: Good hard water, sedimentation
  • The bactericidal filter mechanism by Ag silver-edged filtration technology integrates silver nanoparticles 100% removal of harmful bacteria domestic

Tap water after going through a Nano water purifier ensures a clean water source that meets the standards and retains the necessary minerals and micronutrients for the body, which can be taken directly at the tap. In particular, the Nano water filter does not have wastewater, and does not use electricity. Bring safety advantages, save costs and protect the environment.

Nano water purifier is trusted by the majority of modern customers.

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Nano water purifier products

Nano water filter products


A large number of people in rural areas currently do not have access to tap water. They still have to use water from drilled wells pumped from the ground up directly to water tanks to use. The characteristic of this type of water is untreated, so in many places, pollution occurs such as: saline water; iron and manganese contaminated water; chemistry. Well water calcium contamination, … These are the agents that cause harmful diseases to health.

Common water tanks of households

For households and establishments use drilled well water If the water source is not clean, the water pressure is too weak, there is no condition to check the concentration of pollution in the water, the RO water filter will be more suitable. RO technology works by reverse osmosis mechanism, impurities in the water are completely retained. Clean and safe output filter water.

However, RO water purifiers need electricity to operate. In addition, during the filtration process, the machine emits a huge amount of wastewater (accounting for 70% of source water). In that wastewater contains both trace elements and minerals good for the body. RO machine is not environmentally friendly and good for human health like Nano machine.

Therefore, to decide Use a NANO or RO water filter, You need to determine the input water source for the machine to be fully effective.

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