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Revealing a simple way to cure allergies at home

An allergy is an hypersensitivity disorder of the immune system. Accordingly, weather allergies often occur when your body cannot adapt to the changing weather. When the temperature goes up and down erratically, the body cannot regulate its temperature. Hence the inability to adapt to weather phenomena. From there, there are reactions against change. Let’s learn more about effective weather allergies at home below.

Weather allergies that cause dermatitis are especially common during the changing seasons, with rapidly changing climate and temperature. This condition is related to the locus, the weakening of the immune system. Weather allergies are often caused by changes in temperature and humidity in the air. Such as:

  • Allergic hot weather: In the summer, hot weather often makes the skin sweaty, or wet, so it is easily infected. Create conditions for pathogenic bacteria to attack.
  • Cold weather allergy: In the cold season, the temperature drops, the air is dry and the skin is dry. It loses necessary moisture and is also susceptible to attack by harmful agents.
The change of season makes human health decline

The change of season makes human health decline

Signs of a weather allergy

  • Rash, blistering, or redness: Skin in areas exposed to weather such as arms, legs, face, neck, … appear red rashes. Makes you itchy, burning. In particular, when scratching, the itchy rash spreads into a mass of floating on the skin surface.
  • Rhinitis: Weather allergies can also include sneezing, runny nose, or headache. Makes you extremely uncomfortable.
  • Acute urticaria: As the disease gets worse, you may get hives. This is a dangerous situation. Make the patient difficult to breathe, drop blood pressure quickly and suddenly. May lead to death.
Skin conditions include a rash, an itchy rash caused by weather allergies

Skin conditions include a rash, an itchy rash caused by weather allergies

How to cure allergy like?

For mild weather allergies, you can use tips like:

  1. Bathe or soak the inflamed area with warm salt water to reduce itching and inflammation.
  2. Use the leaves: You can also use green tea leaves, guise leaves, betel leaves or star fruit leaves to boil water and then soak the inflamed skin. These leaves help the skin to disinfect, soothe the itchy, burning sensation. You should do this 2-3 times / week.
  3. How to cure allergies with potatoes: Potatoes washed, peeled. Cut into thin slices and apply directly to the affected area with a rash. This will make you more comfortable, and the redness will not spread.
Potatoes are an effective allergy cure

Potatoes are an effective allergy cure

Notes when suffering from weather allergies

  1. Avoid scratching too much: Allergic symptoms can cause you to feel itchy, uncomfortable. However, if you scratch a lot, it is easy to get infections and dermatitis.
  2. When you have a weather allergy, you should limit your exposure to dust and pollen.
  3. Absolutely avoid smoking as well as drinking alcohol. It can provoke an allergic condition to get worse.
  4. Wear loose-fitting clothing that is cool, sweat-absorbent, and soft. Limit skin rubbing to avoid spreading allergies.
  5. Adequately moisturize the skin: The skin has a natural protective layer of moisture. However, when allergic, dry skin, this moisture layer loses its use. Therefore, it is essential to provide moisture to the skin at this time. Note that, initially you should only use in a small area of ​​skin, when there is no negative reaction, continue to apply to other skin areas.
Need to moisturize the skin fully when suffering from weather allergies

Need to moisturize the skin fully when suffering from weather allergies

If the above allergy relief measures have not worked. And symptoms like rash and rhinitis worsened. You should immediately see a specialist for prompt diagnosis and treatment. Should not be sick for a long time Because it can lead to undesirable complications. There are many Western and Oriental medicine to help support and treat weather allergies.

  • When the weather changes erratically you should keep your body temperature stable: avoid being active for a long time in the sun. Or keep your head warm and wear warm enough for the winter season.
  • Add more greens and vegetables Drink full water. Vitamin supplements, drink fruit juice, or water lemon honey. Also will help the body increase resistance. Thereby helping the body to prevent weather allergies.
  • Noisy, crowded places can also be a cause of weather allergies. Such as lowering blood pressure and headache.
Drinking adequate water helps prevent weather allergies

Drinking adequate water helps prevent weather allergies

A weather allergy is a common illness that anyone can get. The disease causes unpleasant itchy symptoms on the skin that adversely affect life. There are infectious complications, superinfection is very dangerous. Therefore, if you see the symptoms of the disease worsening, you must immediately see your doctor to have the most effective way to treat allergy.

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