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Revealing 5 effective blood pressure reducing drinks

Revealing 5 effective blood pressure reducing drinks

In addition to taking pills every day, you should consult these drink lowers blood pressure under. Teaching Eurasian Mixture will reveal 5 drinks that help lower blood pressure while keep blood pressure under control and take care of your health better from familiar ingredients every day.

Beetroot juice is a good drink for people with blood pressure (Image: Internet)

One of the causes of high blood pressure is diet. Diets too much fat, salty foods, alcohol use … will affect health and lead to stroke. Especially the age from 30 and up. You wouldn’t expect that the natural ingredients, always available in the home, work lowering blood pressure after 24 hours.

Top 5 blood pressure-lowering drinks

Hibiscus tea

Hibiscus tea contains anthocyanins and abundant antioxidants, which help increase blood relaxation. Therefore, Bup vinegar tea is the name of the first ranked beverage on the menu list drinks for people with high blood pressure.

In addition, the bioactive phytochemical in hibiscus has a mechanism of action like a natural ACE inhibitor, to treat hypertension or lowering blood pressure.

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How to make hibiscus tea is beneficial for people with high blood pressure

Calories Fat The protein
  • You put 10 grams of dried hibiscus flowers and 10 grams of green tea in a tea bag made of cloth.
  • Pour 500ml of 95 degree C boiling water into a glass jar, then put the tea bag and let stand for 10 minutes. Taking the tea will help the flowers to secrete all the benefits that the tea won’t burn or get bitter.
  • Finally, you take the tea bag out and have hot tea 3 times a day.
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Celery juice

According to research, celery juice has a muscle relaxant effect in and around the arteries. If you maintain the habit of drinking fresh celery juice every day can lower blood pressure and keep blood pressure stable.

Celery juice is combined with many other fruits and vegetables. Drinking celery juice is an effective home remedy for high blood pressure (Image: Internet)

More, celery juice It is also a popular drink. Because celery is like “magic” to help improve health, or beauty.

How to make celery juice drink 200ml daily

Calories Fat The protein
70 2
  • You take about 200 grams of celery and wash them off. Then use the broth to make the juice sweeter.
  • Put all celery in the juicer. In addition, you can combine with apple, carrot, pear, ginger … to increase flavor.

Pomegranate Juice

To drink Pomegranate Juice Can reduce ACE levels by 36% and lower blood pressure. ACE is an enzyme that increases blood pressure, making proteins. But pomegranate juice has this ACE inhibitor naturally, similar to the drugs prescribed for hypotension heart failure.

Drinking pomegranate juice helps to inhibit metabolism naturally, reducing blood pressure quickly (Image: Internet)

How to make pomegranate juice to drink every day

Calories Fat The protein
134 0.7 0.4
  • Pomegranate: Peel, gently separate each pomegranate seed. You can tap the pomegranate with a wooden spoon to let the seeds fall out.
  • Next, you put pomegranate juice in the juicer and squeeze the juice.
  • When drinking, you can make more sugar and ice cubes. Or chilled in the refrigerator to drink gradually.

Beetroot juice

According to a recent study by Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, drinking beets juice in the right amount can significantly improve blood pressure in the elderly.

Beetroot juice helps to lower blood pressure after a week of drinking (Photo: Internet)

Beetroot juice also has the ability to prolong physical activity 24% after a week of drinking, and signs of a good decrease in blood pressure after a day or a few. Because beets contain nitrates – ingredients that work as a blood pressure-lowering drink, good for heart health and oxygen metabolism.

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How to make beets juice to drink 2 times a day

Calories Fat The protein
98 0.3 2.8
  • Prepare beets: peel off the skin, wash and slice it.
  • Next, you put in the juicer.
  • When drinking, you can add granulated sugar or sugar water together. Add ice cubes and enjoy immediately.

In addition, you can combine beetroot juice with many other fruits such as ginger, apple, carrot …

Pennywort juice

Aside from being an effective cooling drink, then Gotu Kola juice is also an effective blood pressure reducing drink and is Drinks good for people with high blood pressure. The active substances inside the kola will help improve capillary microcirculation and blood veins to create a protective layer of the vessel wall and elasticity of the blood vessels.

Gotu kola protects the elasticity of blood vessels (Image: Internet)

How to make a juice good for people with high blood pressure

  • Gotu kola: cut off the roots, rinse with water or dilute vinegar.
  • Then you put the cheeks in a juicer or blender to get the juice. When pressed, filter the juice through a sieve to make the water clear and smooth.
  • You can store in a cool compartment and drink gradually. When drinking, you can add sugar and ice cubes.

Juice is not only a daily beverage, but also has many good health benefits. Among them, 5 types Natural drinks help lower blood pressure It’s effective Teaching Eurasian Brewing Introductions, you can easily concoct at home. In addition, you should reserve the above foods to regularly prepare for the whole family to drink.

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