Giải khát với trà chanh dưa leo mới lạ

Refreshing with novel cucumber lemon tea

Lemon tea is a drink that is very popular with young people because of its simplicity and delicious taste, not only that, it also contains a lot of vitamin C which is very good for the body. Lemon tea is processed into many different flavors to suit the unique taste of the person enjoying. Let’s Teach Recipe to make a new cucumber lemon tea, help cool the body.

Cucumber lemon tea, when finished, will have a mild sour taste of lemon, moderate sweetness of sugar and strong tea flavor. Many people still think that when adding cucumber to sweet drinks, it will be difficult to drink. However, cucumber combined with lemons creates a very cool drink, helps the body refresh and refreshes in hot sunny days.

Cucumber lemon tea is cool, cooling ancient heat dissolves the heat

Ingredients for making lemon and cucumber tea are fragrant

  • 1 pack of tea bags
  • Medium melon
  • Lemon juice
  • Sugar water

Steps to make a refreshing cucumber lemon tea

Step 1: Put 1 packet of tea in the jar, boil water for about 10 minutes to infuse the tea, remove the filter bag. If you like strong tea, you can use 2 tea bags. Delicious tea is a type of tea that has aroma and retains the strong flavor of the tea after being brewed, not mixed with other ingredients.

Step 2: Cucumber washed, cut thin circles.

Step 3: Lemon squeezed the juice, removed the seeds.

Step 4: Add sugar, lemon juice, cucumber to tea, stir well, add ice cubes to cold drink. If you have a shaker, add the ingredients above and shake with wrist force until it is cool. Shaken cucumber lemon tea will lather and taste better.

Lemon tea combined with cucumber not only brings a delicious drink, but also supports effective weight loss if you use it correctly. Mixing cucumber lemon tea is not difficult, it just takes about 10 minutes for the preparation and completion steps. You can try the above recipe and enjoy this healthy skin-beautiful drink.

In addition to the above cool cucumber lemon tea recipe, you can refer to many other recipes at Teach Recipe to enrich your menu. Drinks are simple, save time to prepare, but still provide excellent cooling and purification effects. Try and feel the taste and effects of each different tea. Enjoy your meal with the above delicious cucumber lemon tea!

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