Recipe to make green bean, special coconut jelly

Recipe to make green bean, special coconut jelly

The already delicious mung bean is also combined with the delicious chewy coconut jelly topping to add an attractive flavor to the drink. So, do you hesitate without trying how to make green beans, coconut vegetable jelly attractions from to change the taste of drinks, cool off in the summer!

Mung bean green bean jelly coconut jelly attractive

Mung pea is a drink that is made entirely of healthy natural ingredients. Cheek cheeks, cool taste, combined with fatty green beans have a heat effect, effectively detoxifying the body. In particular, in the recipe of using fresh coconut water to grind cheeks has brought a sweet and sweet taste that all family members who drink will like it.

In addition, you can add topping is a chewy, fragrant coconut jelly to increase the attractiveness of the drink and add it to the menu if you are running a restaurant business. Instructions on how to prepare green pea chives are shared right away, do not miss this recipe!

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Video how to make green pea green bean jelly with coconut jelly

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Ingredients for making green pea green bean juice with coconut jelly

  • 50gr peeled green beans.
  • 400gr of cheeks.
  • 500ml of fresh coconut water.
  • 30ml sugar water.
  • Coconut jelly jelly.
  • Dispensing tools: blender, filter cloth, glass cup, stirring spoon …
The ingredients for making drinks are easy to find

How to prepare green pea green bean jelly with coconut jelly

Steamed green beans

The peeled green beans bought, you put in warm water soaked for about 2 hours for the green beans to soften and then rinse with water several times.

Then, you put the steamer on the stove, add water and boil, boiling water, you put the green beans in the steamer for about 25-30 minutes for the green beans to soften, then bring to a bowl and let cool.

Grind cheeks with fresh coconut water

You choose to buy pennywort with leaves and less stems to make the water taste and less bitter. Buy cheeks, you pick up the damaged leaves, deep leaves and soak them in salt water, dilute for 10 minutes and then rinse, drain.

Next, you put the cheeks in a blender, pour in 500ml of coconut water and press the blender button until the cheeks are smooth.

Then, you put the mixture just pureed into filter cloth and squeezed the juice, remove the body.

Filter out the dead vegetables (Photo: Internet)

Cook fragrant coconut jelly

You mix 10g of sticky jelly powder with 100g of sugar and then put in a pot containing 1 liter of fresh coconut water, stir well to dissolve the powder, then boil on the stove over medium heat.

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When the jelly in the pot boils and turns transparent, add 100ml of coconut milk, stir well until the ingredients blend, then pour the jelly into the bowl or put it in the shape you like.

Finally, you just need to let the jelly cool and put it in the freezer for quick freezing.

Mix green pea green bean jelly with coconut jelly

Put the juice in the blender and steamed green beans, press the blender button until the green beans are pure, pour the juice into a glass, add 30ml of sugar water, stir.

Next, you add some ice cubes and then the coconut jelly on top to complete the cool drink for the summer day.

Drinking green bean juice is good?

According to oriental medicine, gotu kola is cold, bitter and bitter, so it has a heat, detoxifying, and diuretic effect. Gotu kola will also have antiseptic effects, cure hemorrhage, spoilage, pimples … In the cheek vegetable contains abundant beta carotene, flavonols, calcium, Fe, P, potassium, vitamins group B, C and K. With a high nutritional content, gotu kola is a suitable ingredient for nourishing the body.

Mung beans are good for health .

Gotu kola juice also has the presence of green beans, one of the grains that is very good for the body. Green beans can support skin diseases such as pimples, urticaria … People with high blood pressure, high cholesterol in the blood or chronic hepatitis should often use green beans.

Try the new recipe to make green pea green bean jelly with coconut jelly to cool down and supplement your body with nutrition.

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