Protecting water is a way of protecting our own life

Protecting water is a way of protecting our own life

Protecting water is protecting our own lives. However, not everyone knows what we need to do. Here are a few things we can do to help build safe water for ourselves and for the future.

Why should protect water source?

Water accounts for 66% of body weight. Solvents of most metabolites in soluble form. Water is involved in many chemical reactions in the body. Participate in the excretion of toxins from the body through the urine or sweat glands. Water helps to regulate body temperature.

The role of water for the earth is irreplaceable.

In addition, water pollution can ruin a water source forever. Thus, a part’s ability to access and use clean water can be significantly reduced.

In short, water is essential to human life, but the source of water is not endless. Therefore, we need to know how to protect our own water resources.

Water plays an important role in health

Water plays an important role in health

Principles of water protection

To have clean water to use, we need to follow 3 principles: Prevention, maintenance and recovery.

Prevent: Do not discharge waste, pollutants or untreated water into the environment.

Maintain: Treating polluted water before releasing it into the environment, assessing all possibilities to affect water quality.

Overcome: Treatment, at regenerating areas and sources of polluted water.

Protecting water is protecting the future

Protecting water is protecting the future

How we can protect water.

Dispose of waste properly

Firstly, it is necessary to choose products that generate the least amount of waste for the environment. That can be organic products, ingredients benign to nature, water. Or use recyclable, environmentally safe.

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Detergent products, dish soap, floor cleaner, toilet, … all need to choose environmentally friendly products.

Monday, Limiting the use of plastic packaging, food bags. Avoid using disposable products, such as plastic cups or snack boxes. For frequently consumed products such as dish soap and shampoo, you can use the type purchased by the measure. This action not only saves you money but also helps protect the environment.

TuesdayTake advantage of any products you can recycle. The environment will thank you very much, on the contrary, you can also feel a positive feeling from this unexpected creation.

Wednesday, put garbage in the right place in the right place.

Sorting garbage, electronic waste, organic waste, trash waste. This action will minimize the spread of harmful substances into the environment. Especially electronic waste, the dispersion is extremely large, if there is no proper treatment of water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution is unavoidable.

Sorting trash before releasing it into the environment is essential

Sorting trash before releasing it into the environment is essential

Use the septic system properly

Most families now have a modern septic system. The underground waste system below will include 3 compartments. The first compartment contains underground waste, the second compartment is a settling compartment, the third compartment is a filter compartment. From this filter compartment, wastewater will be transferred to the common sewer line of the area.

After a period of using the waste tank will be full. At this time, each family should have necessary measures to treat tank suction. On average, this activity should be performed every 3 – 5 years. Otherwise, it will lead to breakage, or overflow of waste, making it difficult for the water protection process.

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Things you need to know when using a well

Currently, 90% of our country’s population has access to tap water. However, tap water is still not suitable for daily irrigation. This is also the reason why many households dig their own well.

To protect water sources as well as overcome the possibility of water pollution, households need to know:

  • Check water quality once a year
  • Keep potential contaminants (livestock area, septic system, fuel source) away from well construction areas.
  • Build well water filtration tanks to ensure water use.

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What filter materials do you need to build a well water filter?

Avoid polluting actions in agriculture

In agricultural production activities: animal husbandry, cultivation, … can all affect the quality of water sources.

To protect water resources, people need to gradually become aware of the effects that agricultural activities can have.

For livestock, it should be combined with high-tech livestock. Comprehensive waste treatment system, absolutely avoid waste directly to the outside. The breeding area should have a way of handling hygienically.

For plants, the use of fertilizers is unavoidable. The thing here is to properly time the dosage. Otherwise the excess residue could contaminate the soil. From there, it greatly affects the quality of water sources.

In agriculture, it is necessary to use fertilizers at the right time and in the right amount

In agriculture, it is necessary to use fertilizers at the right time and in the right amount

Industrial production activities also need to participate in the chain of actions to protect the environment. For water sources, strict compliance with the regulations of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is absolutely necessary.

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Save water

Water – especially fresh water is not an infinite resource. Ratio wastewater treatment Not 100%. To protect water, as well as maintain for the future we need save water.

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