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Properly understand the use and usage

Salt water rinsing is a way to protect the oral health and prevent nasopharyngeal diseases. This method has been passed down by word of mouth over generations and is presumed to be correct. There is no specific recipe or number of salt water rinses per day. This is very dangerous!

Understand the benefits of salt water rinses and use science to avoid the unexpected side effects. If your family has this habit, do not ignore the warnings below.

What is the use of a salt water rinse?

Salt water rinsing can help prevent some diseases

Salt water rinsing can help prevent some diseases

The salt water rinse was used by his father without toothpaste. Salt water helps prevent dental problems such as cavities, gingivitis, bad breath. After a period of use, it was discovered that saline still cured coughs and throat irritation, so it has been circulated to this day.

According to scientific studies, using salt water to gargle is really effective. Saline has a sodium chloride ingredient that helps increase the pH in the mouth, limiting the growth of bacteria. Thanks to that, the gargling and rinsing of the nose with salt water has the following benefits:

– Anti-inflammatory, contributes to the healing of sores in the oral cavity.

– Remove plaque, treat bad breath.

Strong teeth protection.

– Maintain natural pH.

– Reduce the risk of tooth decay.

– Limit gingivitis, periodontitis.

– Hygiene when root bleeding.

– Cough, itchy throat, sore throat.

– Prevent upper respiratory tract infection.

– Reduce congestion, runny nose, itching and redness.

– Soothe vocal cords when hoarseness.

Warning of danger when rinsing with salt water

Making your own brine may not be at the correct concentration

Making your own brine may not be at the correct concentration

Many people misunderstand that the saltier the salt water, the better bacteria it is. Some people even suck directly sea salt seeds to treat sore throat. This misconception is extremely dangerous when applied by the whole family.

In fact, salt that is too salty will accumulate, leaving the body with excess salt. Not getting the desired effect and hurting the throat. Especially when the sores already exist in the oral cavity. Homemade saltwater can become contaminated with bacteria that can make the ulcer worse. In addition, excess salt also increases the risk of high blood pressure and reduces calcium absorption.

In case you cannot buy normal saline, you should prepare the following formula: 1 liter of water + 9 grams of salt. A salt water concentration of 0.9% is the most appropriate. Note should use drinking water or boiled water to cool. Mix just enough for use, cover and store in a dry place to avoid bacterial growth.

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Use salt water correctly

Use normal saline to ensure safety

Use normal saline to ensure safety

The seasonal weather that easily develops respiratory diseases. Common signs such as itchy throat, dry cough, itchy nose, runny nose, … When these symptoms are present, rinsing and rinsing the nose with salt water to prevent bacteria attack is completely. scientific basis. However, not everyone knows how to use salt water correctly.

Many families have a habit of making their own salt water to use. However, this can hardly guarantee a safe concentration of brine. Not to mention that the preparation and storage can create conditions for bacteria to grow. What the consequences are, you can also imagine.

Instead, you should use saline saline sold at drugstores. Affordable price and safety guarantee. A small bottle that can be used several times is enough to kill bacteria. No need to worry about the shelf life or the shelf life.

How to rinse your mouth with salt water correctly

Have you rinsed your mouth with salt water properly?

Have you rinsed your mouth with salt water properly?

From “washing mouth” It may make us misunderstand that just rinsing it in and out is just like brushing your teeth every day. This is also a false folk opinion. If you consult a doctor, the salt water rinsing should take 3 – 5 minutes to work. This means that you need to keep the salt water in your mouth and keep it.

If you want to rinse your throat, rinse your mouth 30-60 seconds before. Then rinse your throat by holding the salt water back. When the salt water touches the back of the throat, use steam “Whoop” salt water up. Try not to swallow the salt water. Gargling time is about 2-3 minutes is fine. This can be done several times until the itchy throat is gone. This is an effective cough suppressant method.

After you finish cleaning with salt water, you should rinse your mouth with water to thoroughly clean the oral cavity. At the same time remove excess salt, avoid entering the body. You should rinse your mouth with salt water 1-2 times a day if you have a sore throat, after meals. If you have no symptoms, you should only rinse the salt water 2-3 times a week.

Gargling with salt water is a preventative, not an absolute cure-all. In case of severe flu, prolonged dry cough, dry sore throat, … should see a doctor as soon as possible. Treat the disease quickly and definitively to avoid complications later on.

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