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Passion fruit kumquat tea with sweet and sour taste

Cool, sour, sweet and richly flavored with passion fruit kumquat tea will be the perfect choice for you when you need a refreshment in hot weather. Study together recipe for making passion fruit kumquat tea following and do it now.

Kumquat tea is a familiar beverage that is loved by its refreshing effects. With a sweet and sour taste stimulating the taste, this is a suitable choice in meetings and chatting with friends. Let the passion fruit tea contribute to the juicy conversation, inspiring everyone to be closer together.

Passion fruit kumquat tea is considered to be the perfect combination in the preparation when it includes 3 ingredients that can harmonize and flavor, flavor, and color each other as well as other ingredients. It is tea, kumquat and passion fruit. The delicious cooling drink is simple but attractive, helping to quench your thirst very effectively.

Mixing lessons will help you refresh your kumquat tea with a bit of passion fruit to create your kumquat tea. When combined with passion fruit, kumquat tea becomes even more unique and fragrant. The aroma and characteristic sour taste of passion fruit will refresh you immediately.

Made on the background of a traditional kumquat tea, the variation with passion fruit gives a great tasting effect

Ingredients for making passion fruit tea

  • 1 bag of lipton tea.
  • 100ml boiling water.
  • 20ml fresh juice.
  • 40ml sugar water.
  • 1 passion fruit.
  • Mint leaves, cherry, slices of fresh lime / orange for garnish.

Instructions for making 1 cup of passion fruit kumquat tea

Step 1: Mix 1 pack of tea bag lipton filter with 100 ml of boiled water, wait until the tea is gone, remove the filter bag.

Step 2: Twice, squeeze the juice, remove the seeds. Passion fruit grated the intestines and then passed through the sieve to sift away the seeds, only taking the juice.

Step 3: Add the tea, 20 ml of iced juice, passion fruit juice, and 40 ml of sugar water and ice cubes in a shaker. Shake well until the bottle is cold, then pour the passion fruit tea into a glass. Garnish with a slice of fresh lemon, a stalk of basil, or a pickled cherry if desired.

With these simple steps, you have immediately sweet and sour lemon kumquat tea cups. Bring a sweet and sour taste, freshness will rise with every sip and you will feel very comfortable when quenched thirst.

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