Nano technology and what you need to know

Nano technology and what you need to know

We must have at least heard the term “nanotechnology” once at least once because it has become so popular. Nanotechnology is applied to many areas of life. But what really nanotechnology? how are their applications? how does it work? back to very few people.

What is Nano technology?

Nanotechnology (English: nano technology) is a technology industry related to the design, analysis, fabrication and application of structures, devices and systems by adjusting their shapes and sizes on a nanometer (nm) scale. , 1 nm = 10 – 9 m)

Nanotechnology has great applications in life and is a promising technology at present and in the future. Imagine that there are nanoscale devices that can go inside people, find the parts that are damaged “Sick” and better yet, contribute to that part “strong” come back. The technology is also rated as cleaner (less polluting) and more efficient than existing technologies.

Application of Nano technology

1. Nano technology can save your life

Health is one of the biggest applications of Nanotechnology. In cancer treatment, for example, a variety of treatments have been tested to limit tumors from growing and destroy them at the cellular level. One study showed very satisfactory results when using gold nanoparticles to fight many types of cancer. These nanoparticles will be sent to tumors inside the body, then they are heated by infrared lasers shining from the outside to be able to destroy tumors.

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nano size robot

Apply nanotechnology in medicine

Not stopping there, the scientists also researched one nanorobot project very special. With super-small robots, it is possible to go inside the human body to bring medicine to the necessary parts. Such direct delivery of the drug increases the efficacy and effectiveness of the treatment.

Nanotechnology in the near future will help people fight against cancer. Even the toughest cancers like brain cancer, doctors will be able to easily treat them without opening the patient’s skull or any harmful chemotherapy.

2. Nanotechnology in the electronics around us

Speaking of nanotechnology, you might think of the scientific projects that are being carried out by leading professors in the laboratory, the most advanced and advanced technologies. However, in fact, maybe you are using some products of nanotechnology right now. Microprocessors made from nanomaterials are quite popular in the market, and some products such as mice and keyboards are also coated with antibacterial nano layers.

applying nano to electronics

Nanotechnology in electronics around us

Nanotechnology also contributes significantly in the field of electronics, especially energy technology. Nano batteries in the future will be structured like nanowhiskers. This tube structure gives the battery terminals a lot more surface area, helping it store more power. While the size of the battery will be increasingly narrowed.

3. Nanotechnology in nature

It is true that today’s applications of nanotechnology can be found in nature. For example, an application of nanotechnology on fabrics that makes them impervious to water and dirt, you can see the same thing when water droplets roll on the surface of lotus leaf. The surface of the lotus leaf is covered with a special layer of hair of the nanometer size, making the droplets unable to seep or stick to the surface of the leaf. To simulate this, the scientists created a layer of micro nanotubes on the surface of the fabric and thereby made waterproof and dust-proof clothing.

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waterproof nano fabric

Fabric manufactured using nanotechnology

An engraved example of a gecko in the Robert Full wall-based device research project by the Robert Full team at Berkeley. Scientists have discovered that each gecko’s toes are covered with microscopic hairs, allowing them to adhere to smooth surfaces by van der Waals forces. molecules). To simulate that, the scientists also created pads with microscopic nanotubes that could assist climbers better to cling to cliffs.

Human society is very developed today, but we are still learning a lot from nature. It is important that scientific technology develops to contribute to the promotion of life, not the destruction of nature’s life.

4. Apply Nano technology to water filter

In the industry of water purification, water treatment today, almost everyone knows the phrase “Nano water filter technology”. So what is Nano water purification technology? Filter like?

When researching the efficiency of drinking water and drinking water using RO technology, scientists around the world find that it does not meet the criteria of being friendly with the environment and protecting users’ health. That motivates scientists to find a new technology.

Modern industry has created a breakthrough that is nanotechnology. And the Russian Academy of Sciences is the first scientific institution in the world to invent nanomaterials for water purification. These materials have been used for manned flights on spacecraft. Currently being widely used in life.

Nanotechnology is the smartest and most comprehensive filter technology today, 4 in 1 filter technology, ie:

Mechanical filtration: Large components are removed in the water.

Filter by adsorption mechanism: Heavy metals will be trapped by the nanofilters’ absorption mechanism

Filter by ion exchange mechanism: The ion exchange process is a strong point of the nano water purifier thanks to its very good ability to treat hard water (water deposits).

Sterilizing filter with silver coating technology (Ag)– The most advanced technology available today to kill 100% of harmful bacteria in water, when filtered through nanotechnology ensures complete removal of energetic metals, … (chemistry) and bacteria (microfiltration) (born) while retaining minerals in the water

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The principle of the filter core is: People create filter cores with filter slots ranging from 0.01 micron to 0.1 micron mixed with silver molecules (Ag +) from 20 to 30 nanometers in size, when located in the filter slots, nano silver has enough time to kill Dead bacteria, although bacteria remains in the filter cartridge, but avoid the risk of bacteria growth and filter breakage. The filters made by Russia have the advantage of killing bacteria. When the bacteria enters the filter cartridge, it gets stuck in the filter slots.Nano water purifier

Nano water purification technology is the most advanced technology in the world today and is being applied a lot in high-tech industries. Nano water purifier is an achievement of scientific technology successfully applied to water treatment equipment. This technology is widely used, in the world there are hundreds of suppliers, in which in Vietnam, water purification products using nano technology are exclusively distributed by T&C Oriental Xpress Joint Stock Company. Barrier products to bring the best value to Vietnamese consumers.See details here

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