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Nano Plus filter and Ultra Stop Technology

In order to ensure water hygiene, chemicals such as chlorine are normally used to kill bacteria. But in parallel with the purification process, the water mixes more toxins into the water. Because the substances used to treat water themselves are also toxins, harmful to health. Thanks to the application of the Filter Nano Plus and Ultra Stop technology. Barrier water purification products are possible Completely clean all harmful substances without the use of chemicals.

Nano Plus technology

Nano Plus filter core uses activated carbon from coconut to help prevent bacteria from growing. All Barrier water purification products contain high quality activated carbon manufactured in Sri Lanka. Combined with USICT (Unique Silver Impregnated Carbon) technology, it helps to filter strange odors, chlorine odors, as well as heavy metal ions such as copper, mercury and cadmium. The addition of silver reduces the ability of the filter to grow bacteria. NanoPlus technology helps to reduce up to 99% of pollutants including antibiotics in water.

inside the nano plus filter

Each BARRIER filter cartridge has a filter surface NanoPlus Unique made up of billions of nano-holes. BARRIER filter is capable of absorbing a large amount of pollutants, including the smallest molecules such as chlorine, volatile organic compounds such as chlorine, phenol, pesticides, … Total surface area by NanoPlus contained in a BARRIER filter that can cover nearly 10 soccer fields.

technology nanoplus and ultra stop

Ultra Stop Technology

UltraStop technology – Unique mechanical water cleaning technology. UltraStop technology uses a hollow fiber membrane, which eliminates bacteria, spores and organisms

All Barrier filters have applied technology Ultra Stop. They work to purify natural water types such as lakes, rivers and streams, can be used for both tap water, ensuring the elimination of up to 99.9% of bacteria as well as reducing organic matter and Inorganic, output water is safe for direct drinking.

Technology UltraStop Developed by Barrier Science Research Center in conjunction with Mitsubishi to allow the use of replaceable hollow fiber membranes. Thanks to the use of cleaning technology UltraStop Unique, the barrier barrier filter is possible Eliminate all types of bacteria without the use of any chemicals. in the past this technology was only applicable to pre-installed filters.

In many cases, technology UltraStop has a filter effect better than boiling and using chlorine, as it is capable of removing both chlorine-resistant and heat-resistant bacteria.

ultra stop technology

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