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Misconceptions when buying and using water purifiers

Misconceptions when buying and using water purifiers

A water purifier is one of the most popular household items. The use of the machine is to remove impurities, harmful bacteria in the water, and provide clean water for the family. However, there are many misconceptions surrounding the purchase and use of water purifiers.

The more expensive the water purifier, the better?

The most important thing when buying a water purifier is not the price. You must see what water source your family is using. Tap water or drilled well water. How is the water quality – the degree of pollution to decide the right machine to match.

Many people think that just using an expensive water purifier is of high quality, durable and good. Agree that a high cost machine usually has a number of features and advantages over it. However, of durable in humans. Buy a very expensive machine without regular maintenance. Without replacing the filter element, it is likely that the quality of the filtered water will gradually decrease.

The more water purifiers – the cleaner the filter?

There are water purifiers with 1 core, 2 cores, 3 cores, 5 cores and even 9 cores. Many people mistakenly think, the more cores, the better the machine, the cleaner the filtered water. This is an incorrect way of thinking. Again, the water purifier should have how many cores depend on water quality input and function of the filter core.

image of a kind of water filter on the market

If the input water source is drilled well water, water in the storage tank, … high level of pollution, it is necessary to have a coarse filter core and some filter aid elements may be added. If it is a cleaner, tap water source, it does not need many cores.

As for the function of the filter core. The more functional the filter cartridge, the more auxiliary cores are not required. For example, the Nano-technology filter is 360 times stronger than the activated carbon cores in the old technology machines. There are nano water filters with only 1 core and still can filter out standard water sources. Traditional machines with more than 5 cores are usually auxiliary cores attached due to the poor functionality of the main core. This results in a very large, cumbersome and space-consuming machine.

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Water purifier does not need to change the core for a long time?

The lifespan of the core depends water quality and demand for water of the household. If the water input is clean, the core must be replaced less often. Conversely, if the input water is dirty, it must be checked regularly for replacement. For a few family members, if using less water, the filter must be replaced. For families with many people, using a lot of water, the core must operate with a larger capacity. Shorter time or core.

For example, a 10-inch Aquavallis nano-core filters about 20,000 liters of drinking water. If used for cooking and drinking purposes every day, it takes from 10-20 liters, it takes about 3 years to replace the core.

Identifying signs when replacing nano core: Initial water filtration speed is large, then decreases gradually until clogging is complete. When the core is completely clogged, it means that billions of nano-slits in the filter core have been filled with dirt. The core is out of stock. You just need to replace the new core and the machine will function normally.

Nano technology or RO is the best?

There is a lot of controversy about whether to use a RO or Nano water purifier better. In which there is a most fundamental difference of these two types of technologies: RO machine filters out water “pure“And the Nano filter out the water”mineral water“. And mineral water is of course better for the human body. If you use pure water from the RO machine, your body is susceptible to micronutrients, minerals, and electrolyte imbalances. That is why many people prefer to use Nano technology.

RO water purifiers are recommended for use in areas with high dissolved mineral content, brackish water and heavily contaminated water.

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