Lotus Root – 2-in-1 lotus root


Below I share 2 fatty drinks (actually nutritious but not fat, and so you are afraid) from lotus root, close and cheap, and get 2 things in return.

1. Lotus root juice

Lotus root 400gr (I buy pre-packaged 400g, about 3-4 bulbs)
Apple 1 fruit

Peel the lotus root, remove the head, and cut into small pieces as long as the throat of your juicer fits. Soak a little lemon juice or vinegar in water to avoid darkening the lotus.
Apples peeled
Put plucking into the press.

We get apple lotus root juice. Because the freshly pressed lotus root does not have a prominent sweet taste, it is only cool, so mix with apples, still keep the clear color (if you leave the refrigerator to drink, remember to stir the sediment on the bottom). Drink cool. Maybe the juice together with ginger is also very suitable (also a remedy for people with stomach bleeding). If you don’t have a press, put it in a blender and filter out the residue.

2. Lotus Root Milk / Lotus Root Tea

From the juice of lotus root, add water (if you squeeze 400g of lotus root, get 2l of milk, dilute, depending on you add water) bring to boil. Add some honey. To drink cool is also delicious but warm is also delicious. If you drink it warmly in the form of lotus root tea, you can add some ginger. Lotus root milk has a light sweet taste and is easy to drink.

Lotus root is rich in vitamin C (100 grams provides 73% of the C requirement for 1 person per day) and minerals such as iron, copper, calcium, and protein (2.6 grams of protein in 100 grams of tuber). According to traditional medicine, the sweet taste of lotus root can be used to cool the blood, sedate, and treat cough and sputum.

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What do you like to do with lotus root?

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