Lạc vào miền nhiệt đới cùng dừa tắc hạt sen

Lost in the tropics with coconut kumquat lotus seeds

Coconut is considered one of the most popular street drinks in Ho Chi Minh City. Still keeping the foundation of the cool, refreshing coconut, today Teach Mix will help you to transform this drink with a little coconut milk and lotus seeds.

Delicious lotus seed kumquat coconut, cool
suitable for hot sunny noon

This mixed lotus seed kumquat coconut dish will definitely be loved by your family members. What is more interesting than a soft drink that combines the fatty taste of coconut milk, a little bit of lotus seeds, all blended together, completely not bored thanks to the sour taste of kumquat, the sweet taste course of sorghum coconut water. You can completely adjust the sweetness depending on your preferences again. What are you waiting for, a whole tropics are opening up before your eyes thanks to this drink.

Ingredients to prepare coconut kumquat with lotus seeds

  • 1 coconuts (choose not too old, not too young)
  • Coconut rice
  • Code jam
  • Fresh Kumquat
  • Lotus seeds

Steps to prepare coconuts with lotus seeds

Step 1: Lotus seeds bought to wash, take care of, bring them to steam. You can also boil it, but steaming the lotus seeds will be more delicious and rich; Grated coconut soaked with warm water, squeezed the juice, caught on the stove to boil with 10 grams of sugar, a little salt and cornstarch.

Step 2: Squeeze coconut milk into a glass, separate the coconut rice, wash kumquat, cut in half to squeeze the juice, remove the seeds.

Step 3: Pour coconut water into the shaker, add coconut rice, 1 tablespoon sugar syrup, the juice with ice cubes, cover and shake well until the bottle is cold. Pour the drink into a glass, scoop the coconut milk to top, add the steamed lotus seeds over the coconut milk layer. If you like, you can cut a few slices to add more color to the drink.

So you have finished the lotus seed kumquat coconut dish that is both cool and creamy. This innovative kumquat dish will make people enjoy it because of its unique flavor.

Lotus seed kumquat is both a familiar and a strange drink that is easy to make with simple ingredients. Pocket this attractive recipe to show your talent every time you have a chance. In addition, there are many other delicious and cool cooling drink recipes for your reference. Don’t miss these delicious, nutritious body-cooling drinks!

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