Lack of water and excess water are both harmful to the body

You are often advised that drinking plenty of water is good for your health. However, in reality, we should only drink enough water for our body every day. The amount of water is completely different depending on the location and the condition of each person!

Lack of water and excess water are both harmful to the body

We often hear that for every kg (kg) of the body, there is 40 ml of water. Thus, a person weighing 50 kg per day will need 2 liters of water is enough. However, scientists and health experts also pointed out that it is best to listen to your body, drink water when you feel thirsty, not necessarily drink 2 liters of water per day.

Excess water – Similar to dehydration, excess water also causes disorders in the body such as: Sweating too much, causing pressure on the kidneys and bladder. Excess water leads to Water Poisoning – swollen cells and an imbalance of sodium in the blood. According to Business Insider, a 64-year-old woman in the US drank more than 30 glasses of water before bed. She died shortly after that night.

Lack of water – The dehydrated body often experiences initial unpleasant manifestations such as: dry skin, rapid aging, dry eyes, tired people, frequent drowsiness, dizziness, headache, constipation, mood changes, cramps, joint pain, .. If you don’t pay attention and let the dehydration persist, your body will face greater dangers such as exhaustion, kidney failure, heat injury, brain swelling. More serious is severe dehydration leading to coma and death. There have been many deaths while walking in deserts and deserts due to inadequate water preparation.

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So how is drinking enough water?

There is no exact number for each body. However, according to the National Health Authority of England – NHS figures 1.6 liters of liquid / day for adult women and 2 liters / day for adult men. enough water to help the body function effectively.

All types of liquid drink including: filtered water, tea, milk, juice, coffee, … Even the foods we eat such as vegetables and fruits can provide the body with water. . Therefore, it is not necessary to drink enough 2 liters of water per day as information that many newspapers give.

The most important thing is to immediately drink water when you feel thirsty and always watch your body to know if you are over or under water. When you have to work hard, in high temperature conditions, sweat a lot, your body will need more water when sitting in a cool and sedentary place. You can also observe your urine regularly. Especially early in the morning after waking up. If the urine is too dark yellow, your body is most likely dehydrated. In contrast, clear urine indicates that the body is capable of excess water.

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