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Is rainwater as clean and healthy as we think it is?

Is rainwater as clean and healthy as we think it is?

Water plays a very important role in the life of all living things on earth including humans, it makes up 45% of our body weight. Folk watch Rainwater is the cleanest water source and is preferred for eating and drinking for a long time

Is rainwater clean?

As we know it, rain water It is formed by condensation of water vapor in the atmosphere. When cold they form droplets of water that fall to the ground as rain. Because of that, they are somewhat cleaner than other standing water areas on the earth’s surface such as rivers, streams, ponds, lakes …

In rural areas, people often build large tanks to store water in the rainy season for year round use. My fathers also used it often rain water to drink directly instead of boiling to cool. There have been many studies showing that rainwater contains less dissolved mineral salts, less iron, less heavy metal components, so it has no fishy smell, sweet taste, cool taste and is beneficial to human health.

Rainwater tanks in rural areas

However, Rainwater is not completely clean as we thought. First to mention that is the mineral content in rain water Quite a few, if used for a long time, it can lead to mineral deficiencies, with no health benefits. Besides that, rain water is said to be safe when the pH in water ~ 6. But in fact, rainwater falling from above brings a lot of dirt and impurities from the decomposition of organisms and industrial activities from factories to the air. Not only that, Especially at present, the air is polluted, some places are still seriously polluted so it is clear rain water may be infected with some pathogenic bacteria, many toxic solutes, such as nitric acid, sulfuric acid, lead oxide … Some regions of the world and in Vietnam we have encountering acid rain (pH in water below 5.8) is harmful to human health, plants …

Although the air in rural and island areas is somewhat cleaner and cleaner than the air in urban areas and industrial zones, it is by no means meant to be. rain water In rural areas it is safe to use because dirt, bacteria, harmful substances can spread very wide in the air. If used rain water Not being treated regularly for bathing and washing will cause symptoms of skin inflammation, rashes, … Use for eating and drinking can affect the respiratory tract. In fact, many victims have been infected with dermatological diseases, pneumonia … due to use rain water Contaminated with dirt, bacteria and acid.

How to use rain water safely?

Under the current scarcity of fresh water and many polluted places, the exploitation, Rain water treatment to put to use in daily life is becoming increasingly necessary. Here are some measures to minimize impurities in water that can be applied:

– Just get inspired rain water about 15 minutes after the rain falls for rainwater to wash away dirt in the air, roof….

– Clean the tanks and jars with lids before receiving rain water to avoid infection and spread of pathogenic bacteria. A coarse filter tank of sand, gravel, and activated carbon should be built to filter through rainwater before being collected directly into the tank.

Is not Rainwater should be collected in areas near factories and factories

Is not Use directly rain water for eating, drinking, bathing …

Besides the solutions outlined above, using a water purifier is one of the most effective ways that experts recommend today. The water purifier not only filters all the bacteria and chemicals that accumulate in the water, but the cost is also very affordable, suitable for all families from rural to urban.

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