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Introduction about T&C Oriental Xpress Vietnam

We are:

Company name: T&C Oriental Xpress Vietnam Joint Stock Company

International transaction name: T&C Oriental Xpress Vietnam

Registered address: 30B, Lane 639, Hoang Hoa Tham, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi.

Transaction office address: No. 173, Lane 279 Doi Can, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

Phone: Tel: 1900 636587

General Director cum Chairman of the Board: Associate Professor, Dr. Ha Luong Tin.

T&C Oriental Xpress is a new enterprise operating in the field of import and export, specializing in the distribution of genuine water purification equipment of Barrier. T&C belongs to and has the premise of being a subsidiary of Anh Duong eco-technology joint stock company.

Activities of T&C Oriental Xpress

– Scientific research, experimental design, manufacture, and production of new materials and equipment in eco-technology; applying new technologies in health care, wastewater treatment, and air purification in Vietnam.

– Importing, exporting and trading in new technology equipment in the fields of water purification, air purification, environmental protection and civil appliances.

– Consulting, proposing technical measures and implementing projects responding to climate change.

– Analyzing and periodically analyzing the surrounding air and water environment for factories in industrial zones and craft villages. Planning the impact and environmental protection for industrial enterprises;

– Analysis and testing services for water quality, air quality, and food quality.

– Designing and assembling bottled water purification equipment.

– Importing and manufacturing nanotechnology materials, nano dressings, medical instruments, silver nanomaterials, and sterile water-supply nano-technology equipment for the medical industry.

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Company leaders:

Chairman of the Board of Directors cum General Director; Founding member of Anh Duong Ecological Technology Joint Stock Company (Sunny-Eco Jsc.)

  • Associate Professor, Dr. Ha Luong Thuan

Chairman of the Scientific Council; Former Director of Institute of Water, Irrigation and Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; Founding member of Anh Duong Ecological Technology Joint Stock Company (Sunny-Eco Jsc.)

Import and Export Manager; Founding member of Anh Duong Ecological Technology Joint Stock Company (Sunny-Eco Jsc.)

  • Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Truong Luyen

Technical director; Associate Professor at Institute of Technical Physics, Hanoi University of Technology

General Director Ha Luong Tin, Director Ha Luong Thuan

Mission and message:

Mission : T&C Oriental Xpress Company build for yourself a mission of propagating and bringing new technologies and especially water treatment nanotechnology, modern and environmentally friendly nano water purifiers to Vietnam to protect the health of the community.

Message:. Our company always strives to provide consumers with the best and latest products and apply the latest scientific advances of humanity to improve the quality of life, help society develop more and more.

Above has provided you with some information about T&C Oriental Xpress Company we . For more advice,please contact :

HOTLINE: 1900 63 65 87

Showroom showroom products: No. 173 – Alley 279 – Doi Can – Ba Dinh – Hanoi.

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