Iced tea to cool down, be careful to cause illness!

Iced tea to cool down, be careful to cause illness!

Iced tea is a cheap drink and is very popular, especially on hot summer days. A cup of tea will make you feel less thirsty and alert in the midday sun to continue working. However, not everyone can drink this tea comfortably.

Below are groups of people who should not limit their consumption of iced tea

People with liver, bile, urinary stones

In iced tea contains caffeine and tannic acid, these substances participate in the metabolism in the liver, causing liver function to be impaired. In addition, oxalic acid in tea when combined with calcium will form a precipitate in the urinary tract, unable to escape causing kidney stones, urinary stones.

Therefore, but people with liver diseases, urinary stones or gallstones should absolutely not use this drink.

The researchers also noted that men are four times more likely to develop kidney stones than women. This risk increases significantly in men forties and older. In addition, pre-menopausal women with low estrogen levels and those who have had their ovaries removed also face a higher risk of kidney stones. Therefore, these subjects should pay attention to limit iced tea.

People who are hungry should not drink iced tea

Drinking iced tea when you are hungry will dilute the gastric juice, causing the body to absorb a lot of caffeine, causing the phenomenon of limbs, trembling, guts, dizziness … More dangerous, drinking iced tea when hungry is also causes the body to become cold, harmful to the lungs and respiratory system

People with digestive problems or stomach upset should also avoid using iced tea as their daily soft drink. Because this drink will make the digestive system less efficient, making stomach pain worse, even drinking a lot can cause stomach ulcers and affect the spleen.

People with respiratory problems should not drink iced tea

People suffering from respiratory problems such as sore throats, pneumonia, rhinitis or bronchitis should absolutely not use iced tea. Because iced tea is a cold beverage, it stimulates the respiratory system, the pharynx and mucous membranes, making the disease worse.

Notes when drinking iced tea and hot tea

Nutrition experts recommend that you should drink only 1-2 cups of iced tea per day. Do not drink a lot of strong tea. Also, do not mix with very hot or cold water. Make tea with boiling water about 70 – 80 degrees. If you want to drink warm tea, wait for the tea to cool down then drink. Do not drink too hot or too cold will damage the esophagus. You will often have phlegm, cough, or sore throat.

When we are hungry or before going to bed, we absolutely should not drink this tea to avoid fatigue and insomnia. Note to use tea to make sure quality, do not use moldy tea or leave for too long. Do not drink tea that has been left overnight. If you do not comply, you can suffer poisoning, digestive disorders, and health risks.

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