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Ice water and things you probably didn't know!

Ice water and things you probably didn’t know!

Ice is the favorite type of many people, ice cubes will quickly reduce the body’s heat. There are even people who are addicted to ice because they enjoy the feeling of chewing ice. However, like cold water in some situations, ice also has bad points for the body.

The benefits of ice

Ice water beautifies the skin

After using warm water helps to open all pores. Ice will help shrink pores. This is not only a physical element, using cold heat helps to shrink pores. In fact, the cold shrinks the blood vessels just under the skin, and then the blood will be stimulated to flow back to the skin’s surface. It is this that helps our skin become more beautiful.

Shiny hair.

Cold water prevents hair from absorbing the heat from warm water. Avoid the cause of weak hair fibers. In addition, cold water also helps the hair to limit the fluff, they are flatter, smoother and more shiny.

Ice water beautifies the skin

Cold water keeps you awake.

Just like the above, cold water stimulates a series of subcutaneous touches, helping us to be more alert. They increase heart rate and increase adrenaline secretion to give you a feeling of restlessness (feeling good).

Ice makes you happier.

How do you feel when you eat ice cream, your spirits are better. This euphoria is based on the sweetness of the cream and how cold it is.

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So ice has the same effect on you.

Pain relief

If warm water only relieves pain in the inner area, based on principles of promoting circulation (such as when menstrual pain). Then ice helps to reduce swelling and also reduces pain in the injured outside (not scratched). The ice will cleverly distract our brain from the aches and pains. It also prevents bruising, swelling, and tissue build-up after an injury or sprain.

Use an ice pack to reduce swelling

Use an ice pack to reduce swelling

Ice strengthens your immune system.

Ice will create a small workout against our immune system. People who are exposed to a sufficient frequency of cold water (taking a two-minute bath in cold water) will have less colds than people who take hot showers. That is because our bodies are adapted to change, they are more resistant.

Science has also confirmed, people who soak in cold water three times a week have high white blood cell counts remaining. (White blood cells work against infections of the body).

However That is compared to normal people, for people with low blood pressure, ice and cold water will not be good for the body. These signs are easily identifiable, so bathing or drinking ice water should be based on your own health.

And here are a few bad things you should consider.


Digestion restriction

This has been explained quite in detail in the article cold water Cold causes the fats to freeze in the stomach, making it harder for the body to convert food into nutrition.

Causing a sore throat:

Cold water causes a buildup of mucus that leads to a stuffy nose. Heat shock in the back of the throat, burning and sore throat.

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Inhibits fat breakdown:

Drinking cold water right after you eat can harden fat consumed, which causes the body to accumulate unwanted fat.

Reduced heart rate:

Drinking ice water can stimulate the vagus nerve, mediating heart rate lowering.

It shocked your body:

This is the main symptom I experienced. While hungry I drank a glass of cold water. The feeling then was an unpleasant hangover. This is followed by a slightly nauseating stomachache.

This is explained by the appearance of a conflict between the body temperature and the water temperature.

Drinking cold water can cause a hangover

Drinking cold water can cause a hangover

Another thing you need to care about is ice.

Undeniably the ice makes our summer food and drinks richer and more enjoyable than ever. But the quality of ice up to now is still a “question mark”.

A 5-pound ice pack has a retail price on the market today of 7,000 VND / bag.

Types of ice on the market today:

Stone Tree:

Stone tree is produced according to certain samples with size from 12.5; 25; 50 kg. This production method is quite simple. The manufacturing process has been around for a long time, but the operating and shipping costs are high. Accompanying the old production method, the hygiene is difficult to control. Currently this stone is only used for food preservation and supply for fishing boats to use.

Tube ice:

Tube ice is produced by cooling method with a large capacity R22 gas compressor. Combined with Nano water filtration system (no waste water, no electricity, safe bacteria). Tube ice measures from 18 to 48 mm, suitable for many uses. This production does not create waste water, does not use electricity to filter water to save production costs. An ice bag produced by this technology is very guaranteed, the product price also ranges from 7 to 10 thousand.

Ice tube

Ice tube

Flake rock

Flake rock is a small, fine rock used in the preservation of industrial seafood. Often put in frozen warehouses or ice trucks to preserve food.

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Grinded ice.

Crushed ice is a product of pure ice that is produced for the purposes of the beverage industry and is easily found on the market.

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