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How to save water in the family

Lack of clean water in our country only occurs in rural areas, difficult areas, or on large farms in the Central Highlands and Central. However, it is not because of this that we are allowed to waste water. In the long run, the water shortage affects not only the farmers, it affects ourselves as well. And here’s how to save water Aqualife would recommend to you.

How to save water in your home bathroom

Stop brushing your teeth under the tap

Leaving the faucet continuously rinsing while brushing is a waste of water. On average, a single tap can discharge 10L of water per minute. Hence please turn off your faucet while brushing your teeth. More convenient, we should use extra cups and cups to make sure water is always with you.

Use the right amount of drain.

Approximately 9% of the total water used in a home is used in the toilet. So choose a water-saving toilet when possible. Remember to drain the correct amount of waste water. You know when to use the half exhaust and exhaust plug?

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How to save water when bathing.

1/4 of daily domestic water is used when bathing. How do you usually bathe? Take a shower, bath, or bath.

If you are taking a shower, choose a water-efficient one. For in-wall showers with multi-mode nozzles, it is both a way to save water and save space. Or you can choose a shower using Ecohandle technology that saves water and saves electricity. Before buying a hose, pay attention to the flow rate, as well as the technology that the hose uses.

Taking a bath is a water-consuming habit. Bathing has many health benefits, but that’s when we take it with the right frequency. You should only use the bath 2 to 3 times a week. The way to save water when taking a bath is to choose the right size tub.

This is how to save water in the house

This is how to save water in the house

Check the plumbing in your home.

Your household water can leak in the connection pipe, the faucet, and even the toilet. Pay attention to every little detail. As long as they put a drop of one drop, about 9,000 liters per location every year.

Some leaks can be identified with the naked eye, some cannot. To check and make sure your water is not leaking you should use toilet paper, place, or tie it securely in an area where the leak is suspected. When you find that the paper is wet, call a plumber.

How to minimize water use in the kitchen and in daily life.

Remove food from dishes before washing them.

Surely this will be done by a lot of people. We ourselves feel uncomfortable when we have to wash with dishes and dishes with abundant leftovers. We need to clean the food by passing it through a turn before washing it. This action is even more necessary when using a dishwasher.

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Not only is throwing leftovers in the trash can save water, it will also help you avoid clogging the drain.

You need to clean the dishes before washing them

You need to clean the dishes before washing them

Wash vegetables in a pot instead of directly using a hose.

Washing the pods directly under running water is acceptable. But washing the vegetables directly under the tap wastes water and not sure that the vegetables are clean. Wash the vegetables in the pot!

How to save irrigation water.

Water should be watered before 9am or after 6pm.

This is the time when plants are most absorbent, we will make sure the water does not evaporate too much.

You can also save water by just watering the plants with enough water. You can use the water bottle upside down, or measure the amount of water lost in the soil to return the plants exactly that way.

Reuse used water

In Vietnam, water shortages do not happen very often, especially in densely populated areas. But this does not mean that we can use water indifferently. It is a waste.

Vegetable wash water, bath water, and some other types of water we can completely recover for irrigation purposes. It would be great if your family has a gray water system to minimize the inefficient water usage. A gray water system in a four-person home can provide around 40000 liters per year of use in your garden.

Take advantage of water from nature.

Create rain water storage tanks

Create rain water storage tanks

A rain tank is a great thing. If your family has this working condition, why not. Now the rainwater is not as clean as it used to be. But if used for toilets and washing machines, irrigation, or as storage for the dry season, the benefits are enormous.

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In addition to the above water-saving ways, you can also save water in the choice of water-saving products. For example, choose a water filter Nanotechnology instead RO technology. Each model will have different outstanding advantages. However, with the Nano series you will have no waste water, and the RO rate of wastewater is currently 7/3. That means 10 liters you get only 3 liters using the RO stream. Details see here.

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