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How to protect health when the air is polluted?

Air pollution is the world’s biggest environmental health threat. Up to half of the world’s population does not have access to clean air. 9 out of 10 people breathe polluted air. Accordingly, the annual number of people killed by this kind of pollution reached seven dynasties.

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The time when the air was most polluted

Contrary to the notion that mornings or peak hours are the most polluted time. Evening is the time when the air has a much more dangerous level of pollution.

Although the morning is a hot time, dust emits a lot from the roads, cars, and construction works. Makes us feel dusty, polluted,… However, this is not the most polluted time of the day.

The reason why at night is more polluted than in the morning is due to the fact that in the morning, the earth is shone by sunlight, making the temperature warmer. Convection air is therefore also heated. From there, the air expands and removes pollutants from the air.

On the contrary, the temperature in the evening is lower. The cold air pushes pollutants down. Make them accumulate more near the ground – where we live, breathe. In addition, the evening is the time of operation for trucks. At the same time, some factories also operate at night, so the amount of polluted air in the evening will be higher.

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According to some studies, the time of PM2.5 dust (fine dust with a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometres) is at most about 20 hours onwards. Therefore, even at a time of day, everyone must protect their own health.

Night is the time when the air is most polluted

Night is the time when the air is most polluted

How to protect health when the air is polluted?

Air pollution usually comes in two forms, including indoor and outdoor pollution. In particular, indoor pollution is caused by factors such as cigarette smoke, coal smoke, firewood, chemicals in paint or cleaning products, air-conditioning and some substances in construction materials. ,… Besides, outdoor air pollution is the main factor that seriously affects the environment and human health. The causes of pollution come from many different sources. Such as traffic emissions, industrial plants, from agricultural production. And some natural causes such as forest fire, desert dust, volcanoes, …

So, what should people do to protect their health from pollutants?

For individuals

  • To thoroughly reduce sources of air dust emissions from the use of coal stoves and wood stoves. Or devices that produce dust. Always turn on the hood when cooking as cooking is one of the main sources of household pollutants.
  • When going out, stay away from busy streets. In addition, must always wear a dedicated dust filter when on the street. In addition to using a mask, you should wear glasses close to your face and forehead to avoid dust affecting your eyes.
  • Prioritize the use of environmentally friendly means of transport and fuel. Encourage bicycle and pedestrian networks.
  • Clean your home well: Open windows in directions away from traffic and other sources of pollution, especially at night. If possible, use an air cleaner to reduce the amount of dust and allergens.
  • Diet: This is the most fundamental factor for the body to create good resistance to the body. Should increase additional types food such as green vegetables, fruits, yogurt to provide a full range of vitamins, trace elements.
  • Clean energy (solar, wind, biological) should be used for vehicles. Or during family activities like cooking, heating, and lighting.

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Using a bicycle is also a way to protect the environment

Using a bicycle is also a way to protect the environment

For society

  • Greening of living environment: Raising awareness of forest and tree protection in the community.
  • Industry: Clean technologies help reduce industrial emissions. Improved management of urban and agricultural waste.
  • Strategies for waste reduction, waste separation, recycling, and reuse are needed. Measures should be taken to manage bio-waste for biogas production. Use low-cost or low-emission options for solid waste incineration.
Awareness should be raised to protect forests and trees in the community

Awareness should be raised to protect forests and trees in the community

Air pollution is a global alarming problem. It affects all people, every aspect of daily life and the entire global ecosystem. Therefore, every human being must have awareness and action to protect the environment.

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