How To Prepare Kumquat Tea With Honey To Detox Heat

How To Prepare Kumquat Tea With Honey To Detox Heat

Kumquat honey tea is not only delicious but also a vitamin C-rich drink that enhances the resistance and cleanses the liver naturally. The sun is hot like this, forget the familiar glasses of lemon juice, take advantage of the kumquat tree at home to make kumquat tea combined with mild, cool honey. Right now, we will learn how to prepare this nutritious hot drink!

In lemons and kumquats contain a lot of Vitamin C, which helps to enhance the resistance and naturally purify the liver. The honey kumquat tea has a mildly sour taste, not harsh, because using honey to create a sweet taste makes it taste very sweet.

Forget about lemons and kumquats is a refreshing drink this summer (Photo: Internet)

Ingredients To Prepare Kumquat Honey Tea

  • Lemon: 1 fruit
  • Kumquat: 2-3 fruits
  • Honey: 10ml
  • Green tea: 1 pack
  • Ice

Instructions for Making Honey Kumquat Tea

Step 1: Preliminary Processing

Teacup: Put the green tea packet in the jar to wash the tea, by pouring a little boiling water into the jar and refilling it. Then pour boiling water soak for 5 to 7 minutes. Absolutely not cook tea on the stove, will cause the acrid taste of tea.

Lemon cut in half, half sliced ​​fruit for decoration, half fruit is used to squeeze juice.

Kumquat cut in half and squeezed the juice, removed the seeds.

Step 2: Prepare Kumquat Tea With Honey

Add lemon juice, kumquat juice, and honey to stir. The amount of honey adjusts to your taste, prefer a medium sweet or a dark sweet taste, remove ice cubes and finally green tea. For kumquat peels, not discarded but still put in a cup to make tea for fragrant (kumquat peel also has a very good sensory effect).

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Step 3: Decoration

Add some ice cubes. Next, put a slice of lemon on the edge of the cup to decorate it beautifully. Wait a while for the ice to melt and you can enjoy a cup of kumquat tea with cool honey and extremely thirsty!

Soft golden yellow blends of kumquat, lemon and honey (Photo: Internet)

When squeezing out kumquat juice, you should wipe your hands or rinse your hands briefly with water after each squeeze so that the peel does not cause an acrid taste in the kumquat juice. In addition, using kumquat oil in kumquat peel, you just need to gently squeeze the peel, which will automatically release the essential oil rays onto the mouth of the cup. When I brought the glass up to smell the fragrant kumquat, I just wanted to drink it constantly.

If you have fresh green tea leaves, you can use it as a substitute for dry green tea and the flavor will be much cooler. You can also add a few slices of fresh ginger, both fragrant, but also helps increase the sensory effect! Teaching Eurasian Brewing hopes how to make kumquat tea with honey in a special tea recipe, will give you a cup of nutritious soft drinks on hot days. The honey kumquat tea meets all three requirements Delicious – Nutritious – Cheap, easy to make and assured of quality, so why not try to make this fragrant fruit tea yourself to enjoy.

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