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How To Make Whole Green Bean Milk With A Blender

Green bean milk Not only is a beverage but also provides a source of vitamins and minerals for health. How to make green bean milk not too hard, you can make your own at home using a blender, and still guarantee the taste and taste nutrition there! Let’s Teach Asian and European Breweries to study now Mung bean milk recipe right now!

Green bean milk has high nutritional and vitamin content (Photo: Internet)

Mung bean milk ingredients

  • Green beans: 500gr
  • Fresh milk without sugar: 1 liter
  • Condensed milk: 40ml
  • Alum sugar: 30gr
  • Mung bean milk cooking utensils: aluminum pot, stirring wooden spoon, blender, filter sieve or thin cloth bag …

How to cook green bean milk

Step 1: Preliminary processing of raw materials

Green beans: First of all, you should choose green beans that are stretchy, plump, and not deep or squishy. These bean the whole shell, the ball used to cook green bean milk will tasty than. After that, you wash and spread the beans and dust. Before cooking, soak the beans for 3-5 hours to allow them to bloom and then rinse them again. Let the beans drain for 30-45 minutes.

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Steps to preliminary processing raw materials to make green bean milk (Photo: Internet)

Pineapple leaves: Rinse, drain and tie in bundles.

Step 2: Grind the green beans

Next, you clean the blender and add the green beans grind puree. Take turns until all the green beans have been prepared.

Then, you filter the green bean mixture through a sieve or a thin cloth bag to make the milk smoother without any residue.

Step 3: How to cook delicious green bean milk

The next step, you go to the stove to cook over a low heat, pour the green bean juice into the pot. Add fresh milk, condensed milk, rock sugar, Pineapple leaves let’s cook. Use a wooden spoon to stir well to combine all ingredients. When the milk is warm, turn off the heat, you shouldn’t overcook it.

Then wait for the green bean milk to cool, then you can enjoy it. You can add ice cubes to drink with depending on your preference.

Pineapple green bean milk has a beautiful green color (Photo: Internet)

What is the effect of green bean milk?

Reduces the risk of heart disease: Green beans are high in flavonoids, which have antioxidant, anti-thrombotic and prevent blood clots in the arteries. At the same time, green beans reduce bad cholesterol – the cause of strokes and heart attacks.

Colon cancer prevention: The phytonutrient compounds in mung beans help protect health, prevent diseases related to the stomach, colon, intestines …

Support weight lossIn addition, green bean milk also works to limit the absorption of fat, help you feel full for a long time and limit regular cravings. This helps you maintain a more stable weight.

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Is it good for pregnant women to drink green bean milk?

With the rich nutritional content and vitamins in green pea milk, this is definitely a very suitable supplement for pregnant women. Green bean milk not only provides both mother and fetus, but also helps pregnant women cool down and cool the liver during pregnancy.

Those who should not drink green bean milk

Green pea milk, though, has many nutrients and is good for health. However, some people are still susceptible to side effects with this type of milk. Especially those whose body is weak, easily aches and pains, weak digestive system. Because the protein content of green beans is more than chicken. As a result, the catalysts convert to small peptides that easily lead to abdominal pain.

Green bean milk can be combined with Lotus seeds, coconut… to refresh the taste (Image: Internet)

Furthermore, those who are taking medication to treat illness should be limited drink green bean milk. Because of the non-toxic solder sweet taste green bean, can eliminate all poison in herbs, animals, metals … Therefore, when drinking green pea milk has the ability to dissolve all herbs in the medicine. Therefore, there is a saying, ‘Taking Chinese medicine should not eat green beans, to avoid the drug losing its effect’.

How to properly store green bean milk

  • Green bean milk after processing, you should store in a glass bottle or jar. Limiting storage in plastic bottles is not good for your health.
  • You should preservation Milk in the refrigerator cooler, each use should be covered and closed tightly closed.
  • The shelf life of green bean milk is about 1-2 days. If the milk smells bad, or is sour, don’t use it.
  • Green bean milk is suitable for both adults and children. But you shouldn’t drink too much. Each week should only drink 1-2 times for children, adults 3 – 4 times.
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Besides pure green bean milk, you can get creative with how to make green bean milk coconut, green bean milk Lotus seeds by adding the ingredients, based on the cooking method that DPCAAu has instructed above.

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