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How To Make Sweet Soup With Fragrant Pomegranate Seeds

How To Make Sweet Soup With Fragrant Pomegranate Seeds

Pomegranate seed dew tea is both crispy, cool, chewy, and greasy, … will definitely be a great beverage. But do you know how to make pomegranate dew tea yet? Let’s explore this interesting tea recipe!

This tea dish is used to cool off, effectively refreshment for hot summer days. If you are hot inside you do not know what to eat, this dew tea will definitely be an effective cooling dish for you!

What is pomegranate seed dew tea

Pomegranate seed dew tea is a unique refreshing dish of Saigon. Learning to prepare pomegranate seed mist tea is not difficult, it only takes a little effort and time. The ingredients are not too difficult to find, the pomegranate seed has been thirsty for a hot day, you must try it now!

Pomegranate seed dew tea is a refreshing and delicious tea dish

Here is a recipe for tea to cook delicious and attractive pomegranate tea for you to make by yourself.

Ingredients for cooking tea with pomegranate seeds

  • 200 grams of tuber.
  • 100 grams of flour.
  • 200 grams of crushed green beans (soak them in advance for about 4 hours to make them soft).
  • 1 remove the pineapple leaves, 1 red beets, 1 carrot.
  • Fruit jelly, roasted peanuts, coconut milk, salt.

Simple steps to make pomegranate seed dew tea

Step 1: First, you wash the ingredients, then grind the pineapple leaves, beetroot, and carrots into small cups to color them. Then, wash the tubers, peel them, cut them into pomegranate sizes (don’t be too small).

How to make jellies from colorful water roots to make pomegranate dew tea

Soak the tubers in each cup of colored water. Time is about 40-50 minutes. Should add a little sugar to give the tuber a sweet taste.

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Step 2: Pour stained waterballs into the basket to drain. Next, put the tubers in a large bowl, season in 1 – 1.5 tablespoons of dry flour to make the dough stick evenly. Repeat this process several times until the tuber has a thick layer of flour.

Step 3: Soak the tubers in the pot. Add more water, heat until soft. Meanwhile, you prepare a cup of clean water, add a few ice cubes to soak the pomegranate seeds after boiling.

Note: You can boil each type of radish separately. For example blue seeds 1 pot, red seeds a pot. And you should add the color water you did in step 1 to give it a nice color.

You should soak green beans in warm water

Step 4: You soak the green beans and simmer them with a pinch of salt. Only allow water to cover the surface of the bean so that when the beans hatch, there will be a thick paste. When the beans are cooked, beat them up like porridge, put the beans in a pan, add sugar to taste sweet, stir for 5 more minutes, then turn off the heat.

Step 5: Thanh sliced ​​long strands. Roasted peanuts smashed. Coconut milk in a pot, stir in flour and 1 pinch of salt, sugar so that it is a little sweet, simmer. Take the tubers, green beans into a glass, fill with coconut water, and stick to the top. The cool aroma of pomegranate tea is ready to enjoy.

Pictures of tea with pomegranate seeds

So we have finished studying how to make pomegranate seed dew tea delicious for each family member after a meal or on hot summer noon. When you eat, mix well. A cup of pomegranate dew tea has a taste of peanut, cool crunchy jelly, crispy and mildly chewy, the above is rich coconut milk.

Wish you all success with the above-shared tea recipe, let’s refer to the Thai tea cooking course – fruit plate with the Eurasian Brewing School now!

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