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How to Make Strawberry Watermelon Detox Vitamin C Supplement

You are looking for these Recipe for making fruit Detox Fresh to add to the menu every week? You want to purify the body, nourish the skin, keep in shape? How to do Detox Watermelon strawberries below will bring you a delicious drink, while also having the effect of cleansing the body and making the skin smooth and rosy.

Detox strawberry watermelon delicious back nutrition

Detox is a method of taking care of health through diet. In the trend of using foods with natural effects, Detox dishes made from fresh fruits are popular. Depending on the fruit used, Detox will have different effects. Today, Eurasian Mixing Teaching will guide you how to make watermelon strawberry Detox with the use of replenishing water, moisturizing, toning and purifying the body, effectively enhancing the resistance.

Ingredients For Making Strawberry Watermelon Detox

  • 70gr of watermelon
  • 30gr strawberries
  • 30gr raspberry currant
  • 300ml purified water
  • Ice
  • Detox tools: glass jars, knives, cutting boards …

How to Make Strawberry Watermelon Detox Super Simple

Process materials

To ensure the taste and nutrition of your drink, be careful when choosing ingredients. For strawberries and raspberries, choose ripe, thin, watery ones, rolled fresh and not crushed.

For watermelon, you choose the fruit that is neither too big nor too small, about 1.5kg is the best. If you choose large fruit, melon will be porous and not delicious. You should buy heavy hand-held fruits, the skin is dark green, you can observe the yellow skin, the darker the yellow skin is, the better it is to harvest.

The fruits after you buy, you wash with water mixed with a little sugar. Strawberries and raspberries leave the roll, cut strawberries to taste, and raspberries leave the whole fruit. Watermelon peeled, cut square to taste.

Preliminary processing of watermelon to make detox

Strawberries are easy to bruise after contact with the air, so when you are finished cutting, put in a small bowl with iced sugar.

Simple Detox Water

Strawberries, raspberries have been prepared, you take out the basket to drain. Next, you prepare a glass jar and proceed to detox as follows:

Add a layer of ice to the bottom of the jar, add a layer of strawberries, then add ice cubes and then watermelon. After the 3rd layer of ice, you put the raspberry on top. Finally, a uniform layer of ice coated the ingredients and filled the jar with purified water.

One by one add the ingredients to the soaking jar

Detox is finished, you put it in the refrigerator compartment for about 2 hours and you can use it. If you want the drink to work best, you should soak the ingredients overnight and enjoy. The essence and flavor of the extracted fruits provide a delicious and nutritious drink.

Effects Of Strawberry Watermelon Detox

Strawberries, raspberry, watermelon are three fruits that are rich in vitamin C. This is an antioxidant that has many important health effects such as preventing bacterial penetration, enhancing health. resistance, support for treatment of colds, fever. In particular, vitamin C is also an indispensable ingredient for smooth, rosy and healthy skin. Fruits with a high water content will help replenish the body and hydrate the skin.

In addition, strawberry and watermelon detox also support detoxification, purify the body, enhance the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Thanks to this mechanism of action, excess fat in the body is burned into energy to meet the body’s activities. Therefore, you can lose weight through drinking watermelon strawberry detox.

Please save together how to make a detox strawberry, pineapple This delicious and healthy way to take care of yourself and your family!

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