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How to Make Simple Coconut Jelly At Home

With how to make coconut jelly That Eurasian Brewing Teaching shared, you can do it yourself at home, do not worry about going out in the hot sun to buy sapodilla coconut jelly but not sure that it is safe and hygienic. Coconut jelly Eating with tea, milk tea, flan, yogurt… on summer days is wonderful.

The chewy coconut jelly is crunchy, crispy and sweet (Photo: Internet)

What is coconut jelly made of?

Coconut jelly is also known as Nata De Coco, is a dish originating from the Philippines. Coconut jelly is made from pasteurized boiled old coconut water, then undergoes the process of incubation and bio-yeast culture. When aged coconut water is aged for a long time, it will form a nutritious biomass product. Coconut jelly is pure white, crunchy but not as flexible as jelly, pearls …

However, today coconut jelly They are widely and widely produced, so the quality of each place is not different. Therefore, you should choose to buy at reputable places with clear brands and production origins.

Raw materials for coconut jelly

How to make delicious, simple coconut jelly from raw coconut

Step 1: Soak raw agar

You soak the raw jelly in water, rinse it several times to reduce the sour taste and smell. Wash the agar while squeezing it to make the embryo hatch and clean.

Image of raw coconut jelly (Photo: Internet)

Soak coconut jelly with water to expand it (Photo: Internet)

Next, you soak the jelly in water for 30 minutes until the jelly is stretched. You should wash the jelly with boiling water to cool because the dry jelly expands, taking in clean water, it will be better for your health.

Step 2: Cook the jelly

The next step in cooking coconut jelly is empty jelly pass boiling water then rinse with water again. At this time, the jelly is fully hydrated, all the sour smell.

Step 3: Cook alum sugar water

You put the alum sugar in the pot to boil with 200ml of water. Boil the sugar over low heat until the sugar is completely dissolved, take out the cooked jelly and cook with it. When cooked with sugar, coconut jelly will have a natural sweet taste. About 15 minutes later, you turn off the heat and let the mixture cool.

Cooking coconut jelly with pineapple leaves creates a natural fragrance (Photo: Internet)

Step 4: Complete the finished product

After the jelly has cooled, put the jelly and broth in a glass. Add ice cubes and toppings according to your preference. If you like to add the flavor of coconut oil, add about 1-2 drops of it.

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How to color the coconut jelly

You can color coconut jelly from natural ingredients like:

  • Purple: 10 camellia leaves (washed, drained).
  • Red: Beetroot or red dragon fruit.
  • Green: 5 – 7 pea petals.
  • Passion fruit flavor: 1 cup of passion fruit juice.
  • Pineapple flavor: 1 pineapple juice ripe.

Coconut jelly combined with é seeds, chia seeds, fruit … (Photo: Internet)

Tips to make delicious coconut jelly

  • After pouring over the boiling water, you squeeze the water so that the sugar water can soak in more, making the coconut jelly more delicious.
  • Do not replace sugar water with coconut water. Because coconut water is more prone to sour and the taste is more acrid.
  • Combine sugar juice with fruit to flavor the coconut jelly dish.
  • Store coconut jelly in the refrigerator for about 7-8 days.

What to eat with coconut jelly?

Coconut jelly is a dessert with a pleasant sweet taste. You can eat coconut jelly with chia seeds, é seeds, pineapple sugar water, add to tea …

Simple homemade coconut jelly that ensures hygiene (Photo: Internet)

Uses of coconut jelly

In addition to the effect of cooling the body, effectively cooling the body, coconut jelly is also an ingredient that combines “Italian food” in snacks such as ice cream, tea, yogurt … Coconut jelly do Clean and safe home helps to support good gut, reduce bad cholesterol …

Nutritional value (in 100gr) Coconut jelly Gr Kcal
Energy 92
The protein first 4
Carbohydrates 15 60

How to make coconut jelly It’s simple, right? Now you can show off your talent at home, both ensuring hygiene and heating up the family atmosphere on weekends. Moreover, ready-made coconut jelly stored in the refrigerator to use gradually, does not take much processing time. Next, invite you to enjoy more summer cooling dishes at the website right away.

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