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How To Make Seaweed Ginseng Water Not Tainted

How To Make Seaweed Ginseng Water Not Tainted

Seaweed ginseng water is a drink that supplements good water for the body. According to many doctors / nutritionists, it is extremely necessary to provide water with “cool down” drinks. Hot summer days, you cannot miss how to cook seaweed ginseng water Take care of the whole family and yourself!

Seaweed ginseng water helps to heat and detoxify the body effectively.

Ingredients For Seaweed Ginseng

  • Seaweed: 90gr.
  • Ginger: 30gr
  • Arhat fruit: 3 results.
  • Maggot leaf: 40gr.
  • Psyllium: 40gr.
  • Chrysanthemum: 10gr.
  • Cilantro: 40gr.
  • Corn stubble: 40gr.
  • Alum sugar: 150gr.
  • Tools: tea pot, cloth tea bag, stirring wooden spoon …

How To Cook Seaweed Ginseng Water

Step 1: Preliminary Processing

Ginger: shredded.
Arhat fruit: crushing and separating the shell.

Maggot, psyllium, cilantro, corn stubble: washed and drained.

The ingredients for making seaweed ginseng juice at home.

Step 2: How to Soak Seaweed Without Tanha

So how to cook seaweed ginseng water to not be fishy?

First, you add 100g of seaweed to 500ml of filtered water. Then, you cut 30 grams of ginger root into the mixture of soaked seaweed to eliminate fishy smell. Soak for 2-3 minutes, then rinse with water and drain.

Peel off the drought before soaking it with seaweed

Step 3: Recipes Cooking Seaweed Ginseng

You put 3 peeled aromatherapy in a cloth tea bag, tied tightly.

Next, boil a pot of water about 2.5 liters. Put in a pot of: seaweed, la drought fruit for about 40 minutes over a low heat.

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When the seaweed ginseng water runs out, you add the remaining ingredients: maggot tobacco, psyllium, chamomile, coriander, corn stubble.

Seaweed ginseng cooking with nutritious ingredients to double the effect

Then, you add 150g of rock sugar to cook together, depending on your sweet drink preference, you will decrease the amount of sugar. Cook for about 20 minutes, then turn off the heat.

Finally, you filter the ginseng water through the sieve, remove the cooked core and keep the seaweed ginseng juice.

So you have finished seaweed ginseng juice with just 3 steps! Now enjoy some cool sips of ginseng water!

Some Notes When Cooking Seaweed Ginseng

Choose to buy seaweed that is microfiber, is less fishy and has been completely dried.

Use a glass container to preserve seaweed ginseng water.

Use alum sugar to cook cool water, which helps to make the flavor and taste better.

You should cook ginseng water over low heat, not over high heat.

What Are The Uses Of Seaweed Ginseng Water?

The effect of seaweed ginseng has been proven and recognized by some researchers. If you’re worried, you can buy home-cooked ingredients as DPCAAu instructs. Drinking seaweed ginseng water will help your body cool down, cool your liver and beautify your skin during hot weather. In addition, drinking seaweed ginseng water will improve the state of half-sleep, not deep sleep or difficulty sleeping at night.

To promote the effects of seaweed ginseng juice, you should note the following points:

Only drink seaweed ginseng water 3-4 times / week, avoid excessive abuse. Especially children and the elderly, those with an underactive stomach.

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Do not buy ingredients of unknown origin, moldy, or left too long.

Limit drinking seaweed ginseng water after meals with fresh and cold foods such as seafood, sushi …

Do not drink much at night before going to bed.

Teaching Asian-European Brewing has revealed how to cook seaweed ginseng water fast and efficient that you should consult. With the above recipe, you can reduce it just right to suit your taste. Each of the ingredients for cooking seaweed ginseng water will have different uses, especially when combined in a drink.

In addition to how to cook seaweed ginseng, you can refer to how to cook very simple chamomile ginseng. Recipes shared by these experienced bartenders will help you make the drink the first time you take it.

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